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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 45

Revelation received September 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

And behold I say somewhat unto My servant James, not by way of chastisement, but by way of instruction.
In My Eternal Plan there must needs be opposition in all things, for if there were no opposition there would be no progress.
And I say unto him that when a body is infected by some particular disease, because of the opposition of the body against this disease, it becomes immune from having it again.
And men knowing this law have utilized their knowledge and have, by the spirit of wisdom, provided vaccines so that when the children of men are injected with this substance the functions of the body are alerted and they develop substances to greatly reduce their chances of contacting these diseases again.
And in this man doeth good, for he hath utilized a law to prevent great suffering and deformity among the children of men.
How then can such action be contrary to My law?
Howbeit, I would that man act with faith in these matters and not rely on the arm of flesh, but who among the children of men hath such faith?
And I say unto you, it is the same with a man who resisteth the evil one.
And if he continue to do so, behold he is immune to his promptings that he be no longer tempted by them.
10 Nevertheless, beware lest he cometh in by another way and steal thy soul.
11 Therefore, it would be wise that My servant James comply with the laws of the land in this matter so that his children may be returned unto him.
12 For the time soon cometh that will burn as an oven, and those that prepare themselves not shall be as stubble before the fire.
13 And those who prepare themselves shall be as the wise servants and be spared.
Even so, Amen.
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