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2nd Book of Commandments 46

Revelation received September 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye have again come before Me requesting My word for those who reside in Texas.
And behold I say unto thee, that their hearts are now right before Me, for they have repented from their sins; nevertheless, I see two standing and the one shall bring many souls unto Me for he hath already been tried in the fire and hath fought valiantly on My behalf and hath feared not men and hath flashed the sword of justice in My defense.
And in him I am well pleased, notwithstanding his weaknesses; and I say unto you that he shall call repentance unto those in Texas and the regions around about.
And he shall obtain the Stake and Ward directories of those who reside there and send forth My word to them.
And of those who step forward to be counted, he shall receive their surplus properties that they are wont to give and shall send these funds to Boise.
And he shall keep record of donations, and shall baptize in My name; and they shall gather together to a place that I shall designate.
For all things ye do, ye shall do by revelation that ye be not deceived.

And I call upon My servant James that he search diligently and study the scriptures that he become familiar with them, both that which I have given through Mine ancient apostles, and those that I have called forth in these last days.
And when he hath done these things, calling upon Me that he obtain a witness, then I may use him, saith the LORD.
10 For he is also called to witness before all men of the truth of these things, for I have called him that is not of the church that he be a witness to those that seek the truth from among those Gentiles not of the church, as I did call My servant Paul, if he will have it.
11 And none shall look upon another and say in his heart, "This man is in need of much repentance."
12 For I say unto you, ye all must need repent. For all who keep not all My laws shall not be found among you, for I shall place for them a snare that they be caught.
13 For the laws that I gave unto Mine ancient covenant people must be re-established among My people that law and order prevail, especially concerning the law of marriage.
14 For none obey this law in its purity, for even those who have stepped forth to accept My gospel in its fullness do err; and none doeth right in this matter, except those who seek revelation concerning this as My servant William and maidservant Opal have done.
15 And this must be the case in all marriage covenants, otherwise they are not of Me.
16 In this, many mistake desire for revelation and say, "Because I have a great desire for this person, it must needs be that it is of God."
17 I say unto you, that this is a great folly and is ridiculous unto Me, for a woman hath a right for a sign and a witness as to whom she is to marry, if she is otherwise living My commandments.
18 And all those who enter this work and repent and humble themselves before Me will come before Me and seek My will concerning this matter, whether they be married or not.
19 For many are now married to those to whom they do not belong, for they have married according to the customs of men and of Babylon, and they know no other law.
20 And My servant Joseph Smith tried to rectify this law, and for this reason he was martyred.
21 And I command My Servant that he take up where My servant Joseph left off.
22 For he set in order many things, but it was for his efforts to set this law in order that he was martyred, for many who were taught the truth of this doctrine fell away at that time and were the ones who sought his life, and put him to death.
23 Behold, who will stand this setting in order? Only Mine elect, saith the LORD.
24 But unless My house is set in order, it cannot stand. For how can ye stand in proper order in My house if each man hath strange women unto him?
25 And thus it means, "strange women", if a man marry a maid and she not be given unto him by revelation.
26 My servant Solomon did this, for he took wives as he desired and some he took unto himself without revelation and the confirmation of My holy prophets. And thus he was led astray into forbidden paths.
27 And ye have not studied diligently My book, The Peace Maker, for it was given unto My servant by revelation and must be heeded to understand the principle fully.
28 And I command My servant Joseph to seek all that pertains to this matter and compile a manuscript so that this doctrine be taught in its purity in the School of the Prophets.
29 For there is much confusion among the people concerning this matter.
30 Yet there are a few who, because of their righteousness, have sought revelation concerning whom they should marry, and because of their righteousness they have made the right choice.
31 And some have spoken thus and have said, "It is not right that a prophet receive revelation for some and not for others."
32 Behold I say unto you, I cannot command all who enter into My work, for some will step forth with gifts and others will step forth with great works, and if they seek Me and keep My commandments, they will receive the blessings of the just.
33 And I make an example of a few that others may benefit from the instructions I give unto them.
34 For some may say, "Because the LORD hath not mentioned My name, it must needs be that I find no favor in His sight."
35 I say unto you, fear not, for if they keep My commandments they are commended, and I will speak peace to their hearts and they will know of a surety that I am well pleased with them.
36 For have I not said that it is better that men not be commanded in all things?
37 Nevertheless, I make some an example that all may benefit; and if they sin I will surely chastise them, for those whom I love I chastise.
38 I say unto all, seek My Spirit and live that it may dwell with you, that ye may be guided aright.

39 And I the LORD charge My servant Greg to move to Boise for the present, for My forces are now scattered.
40 And behold, I would that they gather in one place until their number be greater, for a flock scattered is more vulnerable to ravaging wolves.
41 And unto My servants James and Lee, it will be wise for they to tarry in Texas for the moment and not come to Boise with My servant Greg.
42 For I have called Greg to Boise if he will have it, that he be employed as seemeth him good, and that he help in the printing establishment, and study and make himself acquainted with all My revelations, both new and old, that he prepare himself that he may lift up a warning voice to the nations.

43 And behold Mine anger is kindled against the women who are called to step forth to raise up a righteous generation; and the lamentation I gave unto My servant Steven is correct, for they step not forth and deny their sign and witness and are damned.
44 Behold I say unto you, that the time will shortly come to pass that all that they now comfort themselves in shall be taken from them, even their mansions and their vehicles; and their fine apparel and their jewelry and gold will avail them nothing.
45 And they shall see all their sumptuous living taken from them in an instant.
46 And they shall lie upon the ground for want of a bed; and they shall fear that which cometh in the night; and they shall weep and wail all the night long, for their children shall be driven through and they shall be ravaged and torn.
47 And where there was once a sweet smell there shall be a stink; and where there once was a girdle and stomacher, there will be a rent.
48 And their fine hair and coiffures shall become as a tanglement; and they shall find no comfort in all the land.
49 For they shall suffer as they have caused My servants to suffer.
50 For the daughters of Zion step not forward to stand beside My holy prophets, but instead are ashamed of them and accuse them of all manner of iniquity.
51 For they seek the praise of the world and are ashamed of Mine holy covenants.
52 Blessed are those few who step forward and take the hand of the prophets and are led by them, for they shall be as Eve; but cursed are those who step not forward, for their cup shall be empty; and only if they are brought down to the depths of hell will they learn obedience.
53 For they rejoice in a man of deceitful lips and turn their backs on the choice men of the earth whom I have called.
54 Oh you blind and stupid daughters of Zion, for ye repent not, neither will ye hearken; and because ye neither repent nor hearken, ye shall be brought low, even unto the depths of humility by that which ye suffer.
55 For a time soon cometh that seven women shall take hold of one righteous man and say, "Behold we will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name to take away our reproach."
56 And even then ye shall be as servants only, begging for that which ye receive and subservient to those who are worthy of a much greater weight of glory.
57 And I have called many to be wives unto My servants the prophets, and what have they done?
58 Behold, after they have received a sign and a witness, the adversary hath come before them with sweet words and they have been deceived, for they desired the things of the earth rather than the joys of Eternal Life.
59 And they have lifted up their heels against My Servant and accused him of iniquity when there hath been no iniquity, for he hath done only what I have commanded, and none else.
60 And those who cry iniquity, behold their hopes will be blasted, and the arm of flesh on which they rely shall fail; and all will be desolation and ruin, for I will not suffer My servants to be mocked longer.
61 And it hath gone forth in a decree from My throne that justice be enacted in behalf of My faithful servants.
62 And the prayers of the martyred saints shall be heard and heeded; and the prayers of those who have withstood the persecutions, who are upon the earth, shall not go unheeded.
63 And I will certainly hear the supplication of the righteous, and I will give unto them further instructions at that time.
Even so, Amen.
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