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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 47

Revelation received October 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD: I am well pleased that ye have gathered together and have raised your voices against the wicked; and because of your prayers I will begin to bring from this time forth judgments upon the wicked.
And those who lift up their heel against Me or My servants, it mattereth not, shall receive the wrath of My judgments.
And what has before been proclaimed of these matters is now in force.
Nevertheless, there were some at the meeting whose hearts are not right before Me, for they do harbor ill feelings against their neighbor.
And for this reason I am unable to pour out My Spirit with greater abundance when contention ariseth.
And behold, I have given unto some a sign and a witness, yet they relayed it not for interpretation and feared least it be true.
And if they repent not, such will be removed; and they shall receive no witness and die in their sins.
And there were murmurings and contentions among you that were displeasing unto Me, for such are not of My kingdom.
How then can I receive you unto Myself, if there be contention and strife among you?
10 And for this reason there was not a greater outpouring of My Spirit.
11 Nevertheless, those whose hearts were right before Me are accepted and I am well pleased with the righteous desires of their hearts.
12 And unto My maidservant Susan, did I not give unto her a sign and a witness, and she recognized it not? For she was not ready to accept that which was revealed unto her.
13 Nevertheless, if she shall ask, I will reveal it unto her the second time, that she may know of a surety; and this shall be the sign.
14 And I again say unto you that there are those now among you who are of the adversary, who seek to destroy this work, who hope to gain the head.
15 For it has always been thus, that when My work commences, the adversary seeketh to infiltrate. But they shall be exposed and either they shall repent or depart.
16 For he seeketh to control the revelations received through My servant, that he may change them at will to meet his purposes.
17 And whenever I give unto My Servant that which he understandeth not, or which is not unto his liking, he will say that the prophet hath erred.
18 Nevertheless, it is correct principle to gain a testimony of each revelation that I give through the prophets; and if, because of weaknesses, they do make an error in writing, behold they shall be prompted by My Spirit until it is rectified.
19 And thus I did to My son Joseph Smith in all that I gave through him.
20 And many accused him of errors that they would destroy the work, for they seek not to correct it, but to destroy.
21 And woe unto those who, because of their disobedience have taken up league with the adversary--who pervert My word the moment it comes forth from My mouth.
Even so, Amen.
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