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2nd Book of Commandments 48

Revelation received October 13, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, ye have asked Me concerning faith and how it shall be used, and behold, here is wisdom.
If a man saith he hath great faith and hath no works, that man is a liar, for faith without works is dead.
And a man, even though he hath great faith, if he useth it for his own purposes and to show forth his own might and vainglory, not having his eye single to My glory, his faith availeth him nothing.
For did not Nimrod the hunter have great faith? And because of this faith, he was able to overcome all his enemies and trample them under his feet.
Yet he had not his eye single to My glory, and his faith brought him not unto salvation.
And again My servant Samson, whom I called to be a deliverer of My people, for his faith was great, yet he heeded not My commandment not to marry the Philistine woman, for he had not an eye single to My glory, but obeyed the lusts of the flesh.
And because he obeyed the lusts of the flesh and not My laws, he lost his gifts and became as other men.
Nevertheless, he regained his faith in Me by what he suffered, and was able to redeem My people to a degree, but not to the extent he could have, had he not bowed to his own desires.
And if a man be sent out to preach My gospel without purse or script and he saith, "Because the LORD hath called me, my shoe shall not perish, neither shall my clothes become worn"--behold I say unto you, that man deceiveth himself.
10 But if he saith to himself, "The LORD will provide", then goeth forth without fear, behold I say unto you, the LORD will not forget him, but answer his prayers.
11 For the first seeketh a sign and boasteth of his faith, but the second humbleth himself and is willing to suffer if needs be to accomplish My will.

12 And I say unto My servant Joseph, that he hath been called to compile a work pertaining to the marriage covenant.
13 For without the setting in order of this law, Zion cannot be established upon My footstool.
14 And inasmuch as wicked men have caused many changes in Holy Writ concerning this doctrine and have interloped many of their own ideas and thoughts concerning these matters, and have established these thoughts and ideas as My word through the prophets, behold I say unto you, there is much confusion among the children of men concerning this matter.
15 And there are none that knoweth the truth, no not one, for they cling to that which is of Babylon.
16 For of all the laws that have been given unto the children of men, this law they have corrupted the most.
17 And Mine anger is kindled because of the stiffneckedness of My people in this matter. For at the time of My servant Joseph Smith, he taught many true doctrines and they accepted them with gladness, but when he endeavored to set this law in order, they became angered and accused him of all manner of evil, and sought his life and took him and slew him, thinking they had done God a favor.
18 And only a few were able to stand at that time.
19 And unto My servant Joseph, I give unto him a promise that, if he be diligent in performing this commandment, I will bless him with My Spirit that he will be able to discern in My holy Scriptures that which be the truth and that which hath been interloped by man concerning this doctrine.
20 And if he humbleth himself and calleth upon Me in mighty prayer, having faith in Christ, behold I will reveal unto him these laws concerning the laws of marriage that hath been taken from My holy Scriptures, that they be restored unto the children of men in their purity.
21 Nevertheless, he shall show none of these laws unto the children of men except it be revealed unto him.
22 For these laws are not unto the wicked or infidel, but unto Mine elect only.
23 Behold I say unto you, as the time draweth nigh that My setting in order is to be fulfilled, I say unto you, ye must needs make yourself aware of all the doctrines My servants hath taught, that ye be prepared as the five virgins who had oil in their lamps.
24 For I say unto you, that all those who heed not these commandments are not of Me.
25 For all women are to step forth who hath had a sign and a witness as to who their husband should be.
26 And when this shall be done by a sign and a witness, to this shall be added the confirmation of the holy Priesthood to confirm again that which hath been received by the woman, that confusion reigneth not, and to expose those who receive not a sign and a witness, and say that they have done so.
27 For My house is a house of order, saith the LORD.
28 And when they have thus received a sign and a witness, they shall be united by My holy Priesthood and live according to the laws of the gospel as contained in the scriptures as pertaining to man and wife.
29 And whom God hath joined together, let no man tear asunder.
30 And let those united in this manner sin not, for have they not come before Me and have received confirmation and revelation concerning this matter?
31 And whichever is more or less than this is sin.
32 And behold when My church is set in order, behold, shall they not come forth and present themselves before My holy Priesthood and receive the sealing ordinances in Mine holy Temples after they have been cleansed of their filthiness?
33 And not all women who step forward shall receive a sign, for not all shall have faith.
34 And then they shall come before My Priesthood and request that they seek the will of the LORD in this matter; and My Priesthood shall seek the will of the LORD and confirmation of the Spirit.
35 And he which they nameth shall present himself and be accepted by My maidservant, and of him she shall receive confirmation of the Spirit, that all may be done in order.
36 But it is better that they seek a sign and witness themselves, for this principle hath been abused in the past, causing much sin.

37 And some have wondered concerning the children. Behold I say unto you, it shall be unto them according to the laws already contained in My holy Scriptures.
38 And after a woman hath thus received a sign and witness which hath been confirmed by My holy Priesthood and makes a covenant with this man, and afterwards repents of this covenant and follows again after the ways of the world, unless she desires a bill of divorcement, a man cannot release her, for she is his and belongeth unto him.
39 And any man that lieth with her committeth adultery and if he holdeth the Priesthood, it shall be taken from him and he shall die in his sins and be cast from the congregation that he pollute not My kingdom.
40 And if she obtain a bill of divorcement and is released by the man, she shall be free to be a concubine to whomsoever she will, but she cannot at any time return unto her former husband.
41 And if she hath children of him (her former husband), they shall remain with him that they be not brought up in wickedness.
42 Nevertheless, if she remains righteous and without sin, and the husband hath broken his covenants and she hath become alienated from him, she shall present herself before Mine holy Priesthood, and if her husband repent not, she shall by revelation be given unto another, saith the LORD.
43 For what I join together can not I therefore tear asunder?
44 For if ye are Mine ye shall seek revelation from Me in all things, that confusion reigneth not; and thus shall My kingdom be governed.
45 And no man shall take that which belongeth unto another, whether it be his wife, or horse, or vehicle, or property, for it is his and if he shall live according to My laws, they shall be his both for time and all eternity.

46 And again My son, ye have asked Me concerning the Dream Mine which is located near Spanish Fork, Utah. And I say unto you at this time, show this revelation unto none other save that which I shall reveal unto you; for some of those who will step forward at this time will develop unbelief, and inasmuch as they repent not, shall be among the wicked.
47 Behold I say unto you, that the time is now short, even at the doors, for this Mine to be vindicated.
48 And as soon as ye are free to travel, ye shall take the monies ye shall receive from the sale of the large house and purchase a trailer to be placed on your property in Cardston.
49 And of the residue of the monies from this house, ye shall purchase what property ye can in Salem, Utah, below the Mine area as you are able.
50 And ye shall call upon My servant Wayne to build buildings and homes in the pattern he shall be shown.
51 For I have called upon others to assist him in this work so that it may go forth with speed and as fast as ye are able.
52 And at this time ye shall be in a position to work at the Mine, and become familiar with all its workings.
53 And ye shall set up the School of the Prophets at this location after bringing it from Boise, for ye shall set this up first in Boise, and bring it to Salem at the time that I shall appoint.
54 And ye shall continue to strive to obtain your United States citizenship.
55 Nevertheless, the time soon cometh that the United States Government will no longer function, for it hath not repented of its wickedness in disallowing My saints to keep My commandments.
56 And it now supports the more wicked portion of the people on this continent and heaps praise and lavishments upon those who are now at the head of My church, who have no light and leadeth My people astray unto forbidden paths.
57 And they seek not to redress the wrongs done to My servants in the past, and seek not to rectify the crooked law.
58 Behold I say unto you, the time shall shortly come that will bring swift judgment in a day they thinketh not.

59 And unto My servant Lee, I say unto him that he beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, who feigneth great works but are inwardly ravaging wolves seeking to set up their own kingdom and not Mine.
60 For they shall come, but if thou wilt listen to the still small voice, behold I will give unto thee a gift that thou wilt be able to discern these men and women.
61 And I will also give thee power to rebuke them in the name of the LORD.
62 For I have called thee and thou knewest not, and I have given unto thee thy wives and hath given thee power to persuade the children of men by My Spirit.
63 And behold, if ye use these gifts according to My will, lifting up thy voice all the day long in the defense of truth, the promise is unto thee that thou shalt have all that was promised unto My holy Prophets, and in the world to come Eternal Lives.

64 And unto his wives, I say unto them, blessed are ye for ye have accepted the truth of all things.
65 Nevertheless, because of the perilous times, it will be necessary that ye leave not the earning of the provider of the families that shall be given unto thee to thy husband alone, for he hath been given a great calling that will necessitate much of his time to be used in the calling forth of My people out of the wilderness.
66 And if ye humble yourselves in this, My Spirit will come upon you, and ye will be given wisdom and knowledge that will enable thee to take much of this burden away from your husband.
67 For ye know not what manner of man he is, for if ye knew ye would fear and tremble.
68 And this I say unto all the wives whose husbands have been called to work in My vineyard at this time, that they may endeavor to take the burdens off their husbands, so that they will be more free to accomplish that which I have commanded them.
69 For many whom I have called forth at this time are Mine elect, and ye also are Mine elect if ye will humble yourselves and seek only the upbuilding of My kingdom-- for it soon cometh, saith the LORD.
70 And those who subject themselves not to My will, will not stand in the day that I make up My jewels.

71 The revelations ye have received are true, and all shall come to pass, even as I have indicated, yea, even every whit.
72 Fear not, for I am with thee in all things.
73 And I say unto you: be ye led by My Spirit, for it is not meet that ye be commanded by revelation in all things, but must needs be led by My Spirit.

74 And unto My servant, I have poured out My Spirit unto him this day, and hath given him strength in his weakness and all the promises I the Lord God hath made unto him shall not fail.
75 For the righteous desires of his heart shall shortly be given if he continues faithful.
76 And I call upon each of My servants in Boise, Texas, and throughout the United States, who have accepted My word, to write to the powers of immigration requesting that they again consider the entering of My Servant into the United States, stating that they cannot set up that which they desire without his presence.
77 For in this remember the parable of the widow who petitioned the unjust judge.
Even so, Amen.
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