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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 5

Revelation received September 16, 1961
At Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD: As I have commanded before, I will command again, that unless the people of My church live the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage as I have commanded them in My book the Doctrine and Covenants, even in its fullness, they cannot enter into the land of their inheritance, even Independence, Missouri, and the regions round about.
This I have commanded many times, but ye have not yet repented of this sin which ye have committed, and ye have been damned, even that your eternal progress has been stopped.
And for this reason I have not given unto you further revelation, for ye were not able to stand even that which ye had.
For I am a just God, and I give here a little, and there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept, until ye have all My words and are able to stand in My presence.
Nevertheless, it was expedient for a time that ye should refrain from entering into this covenant that the church be not overthrown by its enemies.
Yea, but now Mine enemies, and also your enemies shall have no more power over thee, for they shall be confused, and their arms shall be raised in contention with their brethren, even that they will contend one with another unto their final destruction.
Ye shall not move forward any faster than ye are able, and all things shall be done in order, even as I have commanded.
For there have been many false prophets in My church who have heaped upon this people many false doctrines, yea, but their false prophecies shall be made known, and they shall be confounded and cast out.
Yea, for they secretly sought to bring destruction to My church and they did teach these things that they might be lifted up in the eyes of men, yea, for they did esteem more the glory of men rather than the glory of God.
10 And they shall be cast out and not enter into My rest which I have preserved for the righteous.
11 Neither shall those who withhold their tithe enter into My rest, for they have not sufficient faith, and their faith is evidenced by their works, and their works are not pleasing in My sight; therefore, they shall be cast off at the last day if they do not speedily repent.
12 Neither shall those who do not keep all My commandments enter into My rest, for there are many in the church who are lifted up in the pride of their hearts, and do esteem themselves greater than their brethren, even to oppressing them in little matters.
13 And there are many in My church who seek after offices, even that they would fain buy their offices with flattery and great speaking.
14 And I will reveal these unto you that they may be cast out, for ye shall not spare, nor fear what man can do, for if ye live My commandments and have My Spirit ye cannot be confounded, neither can ye be killed nor slain.
15 Now I speak unto those that call themselves the leaders of My church, for ye have not altogether heeded My words that I have given through My servant, and ye have esteemed them as naught.
16 Also, ye have feared them lest they be true, and ye have not followed Mine instruction in that I said, Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.
17 Yea, and unless ye heed these words ye shall be cast off, for I have chosen already others to take your place, yea, for at My word I can raise up of these stones, seed unto Abraham your father, who is My faithful servant; for he shall not lose the promise which I have made to him, in that through his seed all kingdoms of the earth shall be blessed.
18 For if ye heed not the words which I have given, I will withdraw My Spirit from among you, and ye shall have no power, and ye shall be as other men; yea ye shall stumble in your words and your tongue shall cleave to the roof of your mouth, and your words shall be as babbling--and then shall ye know that I am God; and unless ye speedily repent ye shall be cast off, even as I have before promised.
19 For ye shall be as the Pharisees and hypocrites, yea, for they cast out the prophets and stoned them to death.
20 Yea, but I am well pleased with My servant Hugh B. Brown, for I know his thoughts and the intents of his heart, and they are pure before Me; and he shall be a shaft in My hand, yea, even a polished shaft to the confounding of the wicked.
21 Yea, and I command him that he will refrain from that which hath been given him, for not at any time have I commanded that there shall be more than three in the Presidency of My church, for this is confusion unto Me.
22 I know also the thoughts and intents of My servant Mark E. Petersen, for he is a choice spirit unto Me, and I am well pleased with him, and he has repented of the pride which was in his heart for which I am well pleased.
23 For he has prayed much unto Me concerning these matters, and My Spirit has spoken oft to him, yea, he shall not lose his reward.
24 Yea, and many others there be in the presidency of My church who are faithful, and do diligently seek after the truth, and look forward faithfully to that which is to come.
25 But I am not well pleased with My servant Henry D. Moyle, for he is lifted up in the pride of his heart, and his thoughts are not altogether right before Me.
26 For he doteth upon his riches, yea, and his heart is set upon them, yea, for is it not harder for a rich man to enter into My kingdom than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?
27 Nevertheless, if he gives all he has to the poor, then can he be saved.
28 Yea, I am not well pleased with My servant David O. McKay, even the President of My church, for he has done things which I have not commanded and hath feared men.
29 Nevertheless, he shall soon be in My presence to account for his deeds.
30 I say unto all nations, yea, and even all those who call themselves after My name, to repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! And the time soon cometh when the Son of Man, even your Savior Jesus Christ, doth come to reign as King of kings, and Lord of lords, yea, and woe unto them who are unable to withstand His coming, for they shall be as stubble.
31 I say unto My Servant that he repent of all his sins, for no sin is acceptable in My sight, and all evil is an abomination to Me; nevertheless, his righteous desires are acceptable before Me, and they shall all be fulfilled in Mine own due time.
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