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2nd Book of Commandments 50

Revelation received October 1979
And completed November 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the Son Ahman, even Alphus and Omegus, whose voice is as the still small voice, yet pierceth to the heart and causes the hypocrites and those who deceive to fear and tremble.
Behold I say unto you My son: I the LORD am about to bring forth Zion and gather from the four quarters of the earth Mine elect; and none shall stay My hand.
And at this time I give unto you My Spirit and give unto you a charge that ye will write down that which I shall give unto thee by the still small voice.
For ye have heeded My word and have kept the charge ye have been given; nevertheless, ye shall boast not, but give glory unto thy God for the blessings ye have received, and humble thyself before Me for that which ye have been blessed.
For if ye will have it, from this time forth it shall go forth and fill the whole earth, for the people that have been spoken of by all the holy prophets, even Mine elect, shall come forth from their hiding places, even from obscurity, and begin to shine forth.
And I say that ye shall organize your properties according to the laws of God, even the United Order after the Holy Order of God.
And ye shall have My servant Joseph, after he has completed his work on marriage, compile a work stating forth the true order of My kingdom for the temporal salvation of My saints.
It is that Kingdom that all the holy prophets looked forward to and which has been prophesied of that would come forth in the latter days.
And I say unto you, that it is not after the order of men, but after My order.
10 And I tried at the time of My servant Joseph Smith to set up this Kingdom, and they understood not, for much contention arose.
11 For some having not their eye single to My glory misunderstood My words that all shall be equal in all things or ye are not Mine.
12 Yet I spelled out plainly how ye are to be equal, for did I not also state, "And ye are to be equal, or in other words, ye are to have equal claims on the properties for the benefit of managing the concerns of your stewardship, every man according to his wants and his needs, inasmuch as his wants are just." And few understood this.
13 For a man who enters into this Holy Order must needs place all that he hath at My feet, and consecrate all that he hath to the upbuilding of My kingdom.
14 And it shall be recorded on the records of the United Order the extent of that which is surplus and it shall be made available to others so that they may use it to build up their own stewardship.
15 Nevertheless, it is not the economy of heaven to give unto men that for which they worketh not.
16 And if a man desire and is given a stewardship, whether it be spiritual or temporal, he can then borrow money or goods from this surplus to enable him to establish his own stewardship.
17 And every man is worthy of his hire, for whatever service he provideth for his fellow men.
18 And every man must repay the loan out of the surplus he receives for his service.
19 And none shall borrow monies or goods from Babylon, for if they do, they shall place Zion in bondage, and if they do so, they must remove themselves from the United Order and become as Babylon.
20 And each who enter into the United Order after the Holy Order of God shall covenant that they shall keep the commandments of God and live them as contained in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and all My holy Scriptures even up to the present time.
21 And if they break these commandments and repent not they shall be handled as according to My law.
22 Nevertheless, ye are still in Babylon and must needs remove yourself from her.
23 And if a man hath obtained goods, possessions, and monies--and it hath been by fraud and deceit and by the practice of unfairness and theft from others, ye shall not accept this man's offerings.
24 And if he truly repenteth, ye shall tell him to return that which he hath obtained to those he hath robbed.
25 For it is better that a man enter into My kingdom naked, yet with a pure heart, than with much wealth and a deceitful heart.
26 For if he enter into it with the latter he shall fail and be cast out.
27 And each man is worthy of his hire, for if a man hath a stewardship and needeth help in the accomplishment of his stewardship, and if another come in naked, or in other words hath no stewardship nor monies, and they be in agreement, let he who needeth help in the fulfillment of his stewardship hire him who hath no stewardship for a fair remuneration that he may live and provide for his family.
28 And if he who hath no stewardship desire to start his own stewardship, let him be diligent and frugal.
29 And if he accumulate funds and place them in the common fund of the Order, he then may purchase his own stewardship if he proves faithful in all things.
30 And at the time that men and women step forward and present unto Me, saith the LORD, all that they have, one-tenth of this shall be as a gift for the spiritual things of My kingdom, and the balance shall be recorded against his name as his.
31 If a man remove himself from Mine Holy Order either by covetousness or transgression, all that is recorded against his name shall be returned unto him and his name shall be blotted out or struck from the records of the Order and he shall be turned over to the buffetings of the adversary and returned unto Babylon.
32 And if he repents not he shall not receive an inheritance in My kingdom.
33 Nevertheless, the one-tenth that he gave as a gift shall not be returned, for it is Mine saith the LORD.
34 And each shall esteem himself a steward in Mine house, and if he do not this he is not Mine.

35 And thus I make an example, for I call My maidservant Opal to step forth and enter Mine Holy Order.
36 And with the residue of her monies she shall purchase from the Order the printing press and all the equipment pertaining thereto, and this shall be her stewardship according to My holy law.
37 And she shall determine the price she shall charge for printing by determining the cost, and add to this a just fee that will provide a recompense to her.
38 If any desire printing done, they shall pay an agreeable price for each article printed, and she shall seek to others in this matter that she become familiar with how to accomplish this.
39 And if she hire others to help her in this stewardship, she shall pay them a just recompense.
40 And if her husband William desire to go into this venture with her he shall do so.

41 And if monies are borrowed from the Order, it shall be done so at two percent plus the cost of handling the transaction.
42 And at no time shall monies be loaned from the Order for more than two percent plus the cost of handling the transaction.
43 This I have caused to be charged that a man may recover his loss, for it may occur that a slothful servant will borrow monies and not repay, and on the Jubilee he shall be free from debt.
44 How then can a man recover this loss, but by a percentage being charged?
45 But if a man pays his debts, and it be according to the agreement, at the final payment the two percent shall be refunded to him, but the cost of handling the transaction shall not be refunded, it is a just recompense for work done.
46 But a slothful servant shall not be able to recover the two percent interest charge, for he has broken his covenant.
47 And thus the loans shall be paid first the interest, then the principle; for My law is a just law.
48 And those who pay their loans not within the seven years because of illness or misfortune are on the Jubilee free from debt.
49 And such a man who seeketh to gain from this and doeth it deliberately, shall not have fellowship among you, and if he repents not, shall be given that which is his and given over to the world, for his heart is not right before Me, saith the LORD.
50 But if the man be not able to pay because of illness or misfortune or lack or knowledge, he shall be forgiven his debt.
51 But he shall not be able to borrow from the Order up to seven years, and then only if it is determined that he is responsible and has learned to be wise and prudent in his actions.

52 And unto My maidservant Kathy, I say unto her that she shall gain her stewardship, if she will have it, by that which she shall produce.
53 For it must needs be that those that call themselves after My name shall not be idle and shall begin to separate themselves from the fares of Babylon.
54 And she shall prepare bread, even wholesome bread and other goods according to the Spirit; and she shall determine in like manner as I have given unto My maidservant Opal, determining cost and just recompense that she may make a profit from that which she shall produce.
55 And unto My servant, he shall put in all that he has into the Order and do with it as I have indicated in previous revelations.
56 And all others who seek to do My will shall enter the Order if they be willing to live My commandments and enter into the covenants of the Order.
57 But I have made these an example that all others may understand.
58 And I say unto those in Texas, that they shall organize themselves that they also may enter into the Order.
59 And unto My servant Joseph, I say unto him that his stewardship shall be the spiritual things of the Order.
60 And he shall receive remuneration for his writings and for the teaching in My school.
61 Nevertheless, because there is not sufficient funds to do this at this time, it must needs be that he build up the real estate business as I have commanded and receive remuneration from this until such time as there shall be sufficient from his writings and teachings to support his families.
62 And I am well pleased with your efforts to send forth My word as received through My prophet.
63 And the time will soon come when ye shall have sufficient monies and more, that if you work day and night ye will not be able to accomplish all that will be required.

64 And I the LORD say unto you, for this I speak and man shall hear and do or perish, that no man can enter into this most Holy Order unless he has first set his own house in order, each man in his place at the head of his family or families.
65 And it was because this was not done in the past that the Order failed.
66 For My servant Brigham Young, who endeavored to set up this Order on several occasions without success, failed to completely set the families that entered into it first in order.
67 And thus it must be determined that each wife in his family have a sign and witness or revelation ascertaining that she belongeth unto him that no doubt enter therein.
68 Therefore, I command those who have stepped forward at this time to set their houses in order preparatory to their entering Mine Holy Order.
69 Yea, even My servants Joseph, Steven, Robert, Lee, Curtis, William, Wayne, James, and Greg, and all others that have come forth, and their wives--preparing themselves and being diligent in keeping My commandments.
70 And thus I command My people, those who have stepped forward at this time, this for the last time, for if they obey Me not in these things I shall reject them, and they shall be numbered among the unbelievers.
71 And as I said unto My servant Moses, I say unto My servant, that if My people reject My word, I will take thee, and from thy seed draw up a righteous generation that will keep My commandments.
72 For there is already murmurings among the people because of this doctrine.

73 And again concerning the United Order: if there be a requirement that an operation of a business or the construction of a building be on a large scale, behold I say unto you, that shares may be bought by the members of the Order that it be accomplished.
74 And ye shall heed the instruction pertaining to the building of the Nauvoo House, and ye shall sell shares as needed to accomplish the work, and heed the instructions pertaining to these matters as contained in My book, the Doctrine and Covenants.
75 And thus when ye have heeded diligently My word as ye have received it, ye shall have more.
76 Nevertheless, this is all My word for the present.
Even so, Amen.
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