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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 51

Revelation received December 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

My son, thus saith the LORD, even Alpha and Omega, yea even Jehovah who calleth forth His elect that they may gather together to My holy places and be prepared for the burning that soon cometh.
Behold I say unto you, that ye shall not concern thyself over that which bothereth you at this time, for it was My will that thy name be not in print so that no undue attention be brought against you.
And I have given unto thee at this time My Spirit that enlighteneth the minds of men that ye may know concerning the true orders that are in My kingdom, that men will understand without doubt.
For it shall be in plainness and clarity that even a child can therein understand.
Ye have read the words of Mine Only Begotten wherein he promised My servants the apostles, and all others who would keep My commandments, that they would have an hundredfold of houses, brethren, sisters, mothers, and lands and possessions in this life, and in the world to come, Lives Eternal.
And ye have wondered concerning this statement that perhaps error hath entered into the matter.
And I say unto you that no error hath entered into this, for all these things which are promised can be accomplished through the law of adoption.
This doctrine was understood clearly by Mine ancient prophets and apostles, and they did attend to this matter in purity until it was corrupted by evil and designing men, who because of the lusts of the flesh, corrupted this doctrine until it became a mockery and an evil thing.
Then, because men knew not what to do, it was abandoned by the church at that time.
10 And I revealed again this doctrine among the children of men at the time of My servant Joseph Smith and he understood it and practiced it in purity.
11 But few others entered into the practice, fearing the ridicule of the world.
12 And thus again My church has abandoned this most holy doctrine, for they understood it not because they loved the praises of the world instead of the truth of My gospel.

13 And this is the law of adoption: When a man or woman over the age of accountability accepts the truth of My gospel, and they enter My kingdom by their own free will and choice, not having their mother and father with them, they shall go to their mother and father and the rest of their family and present the gospel to them;
14 And if they totally reject it, he or she shall come before the Holy Priesthood and present their case and say, "I have accepted the truth of the gospel according to the witness of the Holy Ghost, and know of its truthfulness, and I, desiring that My family receive the truth also have presented it to them, and after much effort on my part, explaining the truths to them, they have rejected it, wherefore, what must I do?"
15 Behold I say unto you, that ye shall take this person and teach him or her, as the case may be, the law of adoption.
16 For no one in my kingdom need be fatherless or motherless, or be without kin, for such is the kingdom of Heaven.
17 Ye shall ask this man or woman unto which family they wish to be adopted into. And they shall choose by the Holy Spirit of Promise to which family they shall reside, for the Spirit knoweth the hearts of all men--for are ye not His spirit children?
18 And the family that is indicated shall adopt by an oath and a covenant this person into the family; and they shall be as a son or a daughter as if they had been born of them, like unto their own sons or daughters.
19 And the father shall take the adopted son and teach unto him a trade that he be not ignorant.
20 After he hath taught him well a trade, then he shall go before the Holy Priesthood and present his adopted son before them, showing that he hath performed unto his son the requirements.
21 And they shall see that he has been taught well; and from that time forth he shall no longer be considered an adopted son, but a true son.
22 And he shall receive his name as if he were born unto his family.
23 The former parents, because of their unbelief, have lost their son and shall have no further claim on him.
24 And if a man bear a child from his own loins, he shall teach him the true gospel, and teach him well a trade, otherwise he shall lose his son, and he shall be given unto another, saith the LORD.
25 But if the son be rebellious and is insolent and disobedient, both he and his mother shall be released and shall be dealt with according to My laws as contained in My other scriptures.
26 Nevertheless, if the mother is found not to be at fault, she shall be forgiven and not be released, but the rebellious son shall either repent or be released into Babylon, for a man must needs be where his heart desires.

27 And if a woman shall come forth in humility and accept the truth of the gospel, and her parents after considerable efforts on her part and on the part of the missionaries that shall be sent, accept not the truth, then she shall present herself before My Holy Priesthood and come before them in the same manner as the man.
28 Then she shall be taught likewise the law of adoption as pertaining to females, and she shall choose into which family the Spirit directs.
29 And they shall adopt her with an oath and a covenant, and she shall be like unto their own daughter to them, being equal in all things as if she were their own.
30 And they shall teach her all the laws of the gospel and all things pertaining to the holy covenants.
31 And the mother shall teach unto her all the duties of womanhood.
32 And the father shall see that she shall be useful in the kingdom, and teach unto her a trade if she so desires. And he shall be unto her as a father and do all things and shall perform all the rights unto her as if she was born of his own loins.
33 And when he hath taught her these things and performed these rights, he and his wife shall take her before Mine holy Priesthood and say, thus and thus my wife and I have done for this woman and on her behalf, and my wife hath taught her the duties of womanhood and I have treated her and taught her like unto mine own daughter, and here is the evidence of her learning and evidence of the rights and ordinances.
34 And if Mine holy Priesthood find that all be in order and they see that she hath been taught aright, she shall no longer be unto them an adopted daughter, but shall be as if she were born of their own seed and she shall take unto her their name as if she were born unto them.
35 And her former parents shall no longer have claim on her, for they have lost her through their unbelief.
36 And if she obtain a sign and a witness as to who her husband shall be, her father shall do unto her all things that a father must do for a faithful daughter, and shall give her unto whom the LORD hath indicated according to the law.
37 And if a man and woman bear a womanchild from their own loins and they teach her not the fullness of the gospel, and the mother teach her not the duties of womanhood, and the father not teach unto her a useful trade if she so desires, and performs not all the rights and ordinances on her as pertaining to a female child, this daughter shall then be taken from them, and be given unto another, saith the LORD.
38 For I am a just God, and it must needs be that all My children who are of the holy seed be brought up in the light of truth.
39 Yet if a daughter born to them be rebellious, and desireth not to listen to the LORD and seek a sign and witness, she shall be released if she repent not, so that she may choose whom she desireth.
40 But none of My holy Priesthood shall take her unto themselves, for she is as the heathen unless she repent.
41 And no man of My holy Priesthood shall take unto themselves wives, sons, daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters, possessions, unless it be by the witness of the Holy Ghost, for more or less than this is sin, and causeth confusion.
42 None shall take unto themselves wives, sons, daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters, unless they be of the chosen seed, for more or less than this is confusion of the races, and is strange flesh unto Me, saith the LORD.
43 And My servant Joseph Smith received unto himself wives, sons, daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters, and possessions in this manner and sinned not.
44 Even Joseph, the temporal father of Jesus, adopted him in the same manner and under the same law, that his earthly lineage be established.
45 And thus is the law of adoption that joins together the faithful in the bonds of love that none be orphaned or without mother and father in My kingdom.
Even so, Amen.
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