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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 52

Revelation received December 25, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD to My servant: take the pen that ye have and write that which I shall reveal unto you at this time.
For it is great folly for those who call themselves after My name to celebrate the day even designated as Christmas, for it is not holy unto Me, saith the LORD, but an abomination.
For even though they claim to honor My name, yet they do all manner of iniquity on that day, and instead of worshipping My name they worship they know not what.
And many of the kings in the early days, although many of their acts were good before Me, yet because they destroyed not from out of their midst, holidays that were unto false Gods, they caused great folly to come upon Israel in that they were led astray into forbidden paths.
For on this day ye call Christmas ye give gifts to each other whether they be poor or not, and thus ye rob the poor.
For if ye make a gift unto Me saith the LORD, ye shall give it unto the widow and destitute, that their cry not be unto Me continually.
And from this time forth ye shall refrain from celebrating this day, for there is more wickedness done at this time than at any other time during the year.
And from this time forth ye shall observe the sixth day of April as an holy day. For it was on this day I came to the earth and it was on this day I was crucified.
And ye shall remember My name and the sacrifice that was made on your behalf.
10 And ye shall partake of the sacrament on that day, and this shall be a statute among you from this time forth.
11 And another holy day ye shall observe, and that is at the time of harvest; for as I give unto you the abundance of the earth, it is meet in My sight that ye celebrate and rejoice for the goodness that has been given unto thee.
12 And the Sabbath ye shall observe, and on the LORD's day ye shall perform your ordinances and hold your solemn meetings.
13 And from this time forth ye shall observe to do these things that My people may become a peculiar people and an holy people, that righteousness may again be wrought in Israel.
14 And when ye give gifts, ye shall give to the poor, the widow, and the destitute and not to one another.
15 For a gift given to him that hath no need corrupteth the soul, for no man should receive unto himself gifts for that which he hath not worked, for such gifts corrupt the soul.
16 And if a man come to thee and say, "I am in need", ye shall extend thy hand and take him to thee and provide for his needs, for he is destitute.
17 Nevertheless, after the space of three days he shall seek employment that he no longer be destitute.
18 And if ye have the means withal, and he desire to work for thee, he shall do so for a fair remuneration that he may provide for himself and his family if he hath any.
19 For no man or woman shall be idle in Zion, for all must put forth their hand and labor; and he that laboreth not is not of Me, and he shall be cast out.
20 He that saith, "I have a gift," shall prove his gift or he shall be cast out, saith the LORD; for there shall be no idleness in My kingdom, for such is an abomination.
21 If a man receive goods for that which he hath not worked, he regardeth them not, nor even considers them, for is this not similar to theft?
22 He that giveth to the rich is a fool and seeketh favors, and he that accepts and needs not is full of greed and desireth things for which he worketh not, and obligates himself to the wicked.
23 Oh ye fools! Why must ye be instructed in all things? I would that ye live by the Spirit, and ye would know these things, but ye seek continually to find ways to break My laws and statutes.
Even so, Amen.
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