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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 54

Revelation received February 6, 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, thy days are numbered unto Me, and five years shall not pass away before ye shall be called unto My presence to account for thy stewardship.
And few have suffered as thou hast suffered alone, for those that were called to assist thee stepped not forward and feared men and fell.
For even Mine ancient prophets stood not alone but had those who were with them to comfort them, except My servants Jeremiah and Abinidi who suffered more than thee.
And the wives that were called to assist thee felt the sorrow that ye did suffer and fled from thee, desiring not to share it with thee.
And they chose the easier path, and because of this thy days have been shortened, and there be few left unto thee;
Nevertheless, ye have sufficient to fulfill that which ye have been called to fulfill.
For ye shall sell your house and move to Boise, and send out the pamphlets to Western Canada as I have instructed.
And ye shall set up the School of the Prophets and the United Order according to My holy laws.
And from there ye shall go to Salem and work at the Dream Mine.
10 And those women who have fled from thee because they were not willing to share thy sorrow, I shall call again to them, that they perhaps will repent.
11 And if any step forward to repent, they shall yet be a blessing to you that perhaps they will preserve thy life a little longer.
12 Yet women flee to the arms of the wicked, seeking comfort and ease, and they desire possessions and recognition from the world.
13 They seek not for Life Eternal, and cast their inheritance from them as if it were a dirty rag.
14 And I give unto them a sign and a witness, and they trample it under their feet as the swine walloweth in mire, and turn and rend My servants.
15 Behold I say unto you, what reward shall they have, and what sorrow will they suffer?
Even so, Amen.
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