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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 55

Revelation received February 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

What saith the Lord of Hosts, whose hand is mighty and strong, even to the confounding of the Nations; and who is like unto Him in stature and wisdom--who knoweth the coming forth of the seasons and the rotation of earths upon earths; yea, even the Mighty God who accomplishes all things by His word, for He saith it, and worlds come into existence, and he stetcheth forth His hand and the Heavens are stopped.
For His laws are immutable and just. Let no man think that he can escape the judgments that are set.
For I shall exalt the righteous, and cause the wicked to quake and tremble.
And I have called My prophets from among the least, that My power be known, and through them I shall do My work and none shall stay My hand.
And I have called upon My servant Wayne these three times to seek out materials and patterns, even by prayer and by fasting, and by wisdom, and he hath not heeded My will concerning this matter.
And now I command you at this time that ye seek to Me, and I will pour out My Spirit upon you, and ye shall build homes and structures as the Spirit shall direct.
And the homes ye shall construct shall in the main part be of one story in height, and they shall be built as I shall direct, and ye shall construct them that the dining, living, recreation, and teaching areas shall separate the sleeping quarters of the fathers and mothers from the sleeping quarters of the children.
And the children shall not at any time come into the sleeping quarters of the parents, for the living and sleeping quarters of the parents are sacred unto Me, saith the LORD.
And a place shall be provided for the mothers to suckle their young, and a place also provided that the children may be taught.
10 The dining and kitchen areas shall separate the sleeping quarters of the parents from the sleeping quarters of the children and their mothers.

11 And the mothers shall teach their children that by the time they are eight years old they have knowledge of the laws of God, and that they are able to clearly write and read that they be not ignorant of the things of God and the ways of the world--that they may be able to choose intelligently the way they wish to go.
12 And they shall teach their children every law and statute, and shall encourage them in all good things.
13 And the covetous and those who cause strife shall be kept separate from those who are quick to heed the laws of God.
14 And if the rebellious repent not they shall go unto their own, that My house be not polluted.
15 For an evil seed groweth and overshadoweth the good, and must needs be plucked up before harm cometh.
16 And the older children shall be kept separate from the younger children, for the younger need the presence of their mothers at all times except when they are in attendance with the father.
17 And thus ye shall make the sleeping quarters for the small children adequate so that the mother may be with her children at all times.
18 Thus ye shall make your homes that a righteous generation may be brought up unto Me, who know the laws and statutes of My kingdom and become unto Me a choice people.
19 For soon I will place all things into thy hands, that thou wilt be able to accomplish these things without hindrance.
20 Nevertheless, there shall be tribulation before that time, that will try the hearts of My people to see if they be true or not.
Even so, Amen.
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