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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 56

Revelation received March 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

My son, thou hast come through many trials and tribulations, and have had severe hardships; but in this My Spirit has supported thee; and without My protecting hand ye would have succumbed.
Why then do ye mourn, for thou has had My Spirit to comfort thee?
Why then dost thou complain, for all people are called to suffer some, and many more than thee.
Nevertheless, few have suffered alone as thou hast.
Yet I have borne thee up and called thee forth, and ye shall declare My words as in times past; and ye shall write that which I shall tell unto you at this time.
For it must needs be that I reinstate all the laws of Israel that they be a schoolmaster to bring My people into the Celestial realms.
For without the law they cannot progress and receive My Spirit, for only in this way can it be obtained.
So taught My early prophets shortly after I was taken from the earth, but those who read their words stating that they should live by the Spirit felt that the law was done away.
But I say unto you, ye cannot gain the Spirit unless it is by obedience to the law.
10 This they misunderstood, thinking the law was no longer necessary.
11 Behold I say unto you, the law which is eternal must be lived in order to gain the Spirit, and when the Spirit is gained the law becomes no longer necessary; and then ye shall live by the Spirit, but not until.
12 And if ye then rebel against the Spirit, ye must return to the law until the Spirit be regained.
13 Yet the law that was lived by the Jews at the time of My coming was not My law, saith the LORD, for it was a corrupt law made up of My laws mingled with the laws of men.
14 And therefore it was this vessel that was to be broken to pieces, for it no longer contained the living waters and it could no longer be repaired, for it contained too many errors.
15 For none could have understood the direction after the correction be made.
16 And it was this law that was to be done away and replaced by the new vessel, even the New Testament.
17 Yet, but a few years passed by before the waters of this vessel were also filled with filthiness, and I had to spew it also out of My mouth.
18 Therefore, the laws were again lost from the earth.
19 And I sent My servant Joseph Smith to reinstate these laws, but he was martyred before he could bring forth a particle of them.
20 Nevertheless, he restored many truths, but again the vessel hath become filthy.
21 Behold I say unto you, it must needs be cleansed, for even so I have promised, and none shall stay My hand.
22 And My law shall come forth even line upon line and precept upon precept until the vessel is clean.
23 For I shall empty the vessel of the dross and thoroughly cleanse it from inside and out, scald it, and place it in the fire that all filthiness be cleansed from it.
24 And ye shall go through the scriptures and determine by the Spirit which are correct and which are in error, and those which are now not necessary because of the greater knowledge available to man on many subjects that was not available to them of those days.
25 This ye shall do and begin to live these things, otherwise ye are not Mine; and ye shall establish Zion according to My laws.
26 And I am well pleased with those who are striving to do My will, for they have their hearts now in order, yet their works are lacking.
Even so, Amen.
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