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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 57

Revelation received March 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD: ye have neglected to take pen in hand and write by the still small voice when My Spirit hath come upon you to do so, and therefore ye are under condemnation, for there is much I have to report unto this people, for they are a stiffnecked people who desire mysteries instead of plainness.
Behold I come unto you this last time, not in parables hard to be understood, but in plainness of speech that all those who hear My voice will have no excuse at the last day.
For I have given unto you commandments and ye heed them not.
And I give these commandments in plainness and with clarity and ye say to yourselves that unless the word of God be difficult it is not of God.
But I say unto you that I spoke in times past in parables and with difficult tongue, but in these the last days I speak not in parables and with a difficult tongue, but with plainness that even a child can therein understand.
What then is your complaint, and what then have ye to question?
Behold I say unto you that a leaven is within the loaf, not without, for the leaven that getteth not into the mixture is of no value to the loaf.
Nevertheless, there are a few that I call that will knead the loaf, but I would that the majority remain part of the loaf that the leaven may be effective.
He who hath an ear let him hear, and he who hath an eye let him see what the LORD doth say unto his people.
10 For I give unto My people laws that if they obey in righteousness (for he that keepeth the laws not in righteousness is an offender) they shall obtain the Spirit.
11 And when they receive the Spirit it shall guide them unto all truth and the truth shall free them from all sin, and are they not then free indeed?
12 Then shall I come to them and sup with them and be unto them as a pillar of smoke by day and a flaming light by night that their path be continually laid out before them.
13 These are they who if they remain in this path shall find the Tree of Life, and the life which is Eternal. And they are they that dwell with the Father forever more, worlds without end.
14 Therefore My little flock, strive for that which I have commanded you both temporally and spiritually.
15 For I have not called you in vain, but for a purpose; that ye may knead and others may be the leaven, that My word will go forth in spite of the wicked.
16 Each man is commanded to warn his neighbors, that all will be warned and forewarned and none have an excuse and say, "Our sins be upon your head, for ye warned us not."
17 Let not this condemnation come upon you.

18 And ye shall set up the School of the Prophets that all who desire may be instructed in the ways of the kingdom; for each shall go and learn of My ways.
19 Ye shall set up seven courses in My School, teaching the temporal salvation of My saints.
20 Ye shall teach the ways of health that My people be unto Me a choice and a happy people, not as in times past with simple commandments, but with the knowledge ye now have, taking all good things from the choice books of the earth that I have inspired men to write by wisdom and knowledge.
21 For these men and women wrote and they knew it not that it was I who gave them utterance.
22 And ye shall exercise thy bodies in wisdom and by hard work that thy bodies be invigorated and thy step be light and thy joy be complete.
23 Ye shall also prepare lessons to instruct My people in the arts of farming, again using all that is written.
24 And I shall give you further guidance and knowledge in these matters by My Spirit that the food that ye grow be nutritious and supply thy body with the nutriments that will enable thee to bring forth a choice generation.
25 For it is for this purpose that all this knowledge be brought forth.
26 And ye shall seek guidance in the construction of thy homes, that they be constructed according to the patterns given unto thee, that My Spirit shall dwell therein that they may be holy unto Me.
27 Even the buildings ye use for administration and the buildings used for manufacturing and the buildings ye shall use for all residences must be built after the manner I shall designate.
28 And ye shall teach the laws of consecration and the laws of the United Order that all may be familiar with these matters and understand them perfectly that they may prepare themselves for this great order.
29 But few there are now who can live this law, for they seek their own, thinking in vain that what they now have will stand.
30 Behold I say unto you, all who build not unto My kingdom will fail.

31 Behold, I would that all men seek their own revelations as to which path they must take.
32 Such revelation must be verified by My holy prophets, for the adversary giveth unto the wicked revelations that he may lead them carefully down to hell.
33 And such revelation must be exposed for what it is and laid bare that it lead not the people astray.
34 Therefore I give unto you a commandment that all who receive revelation for themselves shall have it verified by the prophets whether it shall be true or not.
35 And if a man receive a revelation and have it not verified by the prophets, it shall be disregarded whether it be true or false.
36 For that man hath hidden what he hath received under a bushel.
37 And if a man or woman have a revelation and they present it before the prophets and they pray concerning the matter and the word of the LORD comes to them saying that such is false, then the man or woman who received the revelation shall be taken aside and told that he or she hath received a false revelation.
38 And if they repent they shall be forgiven, but if they persist they shall be let loose and turned over to the buffetings of the adversary.
39 And this is the order ye shall follow concerning revelations.
40 And if a man be by himself and hath no one to advise him, and he hath a revelation to do a certain thing, he shall come before Me and I shall confirm whether it be of Me or of the adversary.
41 And if he receive confirmation from Me by the Spirit that it is of Me, he then shall act upon it, but he shall do this only if he be by himself having no guidance in the matter; otherwise he shall bring the matter before the prophets, saith the LORD.

42 And ye shall teach in the School of the Prophets all spiritual things that have been revealed that are edifying.
43 Ye shall teach nothing that hath not been revealed, and ye shall not teach that which is speculation or which hath not been revealed by My prophets.
44 For there are some who would pollute My kingdom and My school with doctrine that is partly the truth mingled with the teachings of man.
45 Behold I say unto you, if you follow this path it shall destroy you, for such is not of Me, and all that is not of Me and which is not of My will shall be destroyed at the last day.
46 Behold I say unto you, that there are some that desire to reach the Celestial Kingdom without works.
47 Behold I say unto you that unless they repent they shall fail.
48 For all My commandments must be kept, for no man or woman can enter My kingdom without living all My laws.
49 They can attain a lower kingdom, but where I am they cannot come, worlds without end.
50 And some desire direct revelation, and behold I say unto you they shall receive direct revelation only when they are worthy.
51 If I give them a revelation through My prophet then they shall heed that and continue on in the path of righteousness.
52 And if they continue to live My laws they shall indeed receive My word by the still small voice.

53 And I give unto My servant Merle Sr. that he study diligently all that has been revealed through My prophets and make himself thoroughly familiar with the doctrines contained therein.
54 I have prepared a work for him to do which I have prepared him for throughout his life, for I have guided his footsteps and his hand and have given him talents that he shall surely be required to use in the building up of My kingdom.
55 And unto My servant Merle Jr., I say unto him that I am well pleased with him, for he has heeded My Spirit on his own and I have guided his hand, and he shall continue on in what he is doing for the building up of My kingdom.
56 Nevertheless, he shall seek to move to Boise that he may be of much greater help unto William and Opal.
57 And unto My servant Merle Sr., I say again that he is concerned concerning his property.
58 Behold I say unto you, ye shall tell him that his property is secure and he shall not let it go for naught.
59 And he shall exact the uttermost farthing for it and shall immediately reinvest it in properties in Boise and Salem, and he shall prepare himself according to My laws that he may enter into the United Order, for it shall shortly be set up and none shall prevent nor put forth his hand.
60 For if he putteth forth his hand against its formation he shall be cut off from My people, saith the LORD.
61 For My work shall go forth in spite of the wicked.
Even so, Amen.
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