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2nd Book of Commandments 58

Revelation received April 23, 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye shall continue on this night that which ye had started previously, for Israel must needs be reestablished and the law pertaining thereto.
Behold I say unto you, neither shall ye slack your hand nor deviate from the law, but must live all that hath been revealed to thee.
Nevertheless, ye shall show unto this people only those things that I shall designate, otherwise ye shall be destroyed.
For many things I did reveal unto My servant Joseph Smith which he was unable to reveal to the people, for they would have destroyed him even before his time.
For each man and woman has his appointed time, and he was not taken before his time.
There are some that desire instruction at this time, and I will give instruction unto some through the prophets and give instruction unto some by My Spirit.
Nevertheless, it is from Me saith the LORD, whether it cometh through Me or My prophets it is the same and must be heeded that the blessings be obtained.
For I say unto My servant Lee that I am well pleased that he hath repented and hath taken up to keep My commandments.
Yet if he had heeded Me when I first spoke to him his work would now be done.
10 Therefore, he must make haste for little time remaineth which is called day in which man may work.
11 For night cometh soon wherein no man may work.
12 He shall speedily send out the requests for ward memberships and stake memberships in and around Texas; but because he has procrastinated he shall not wait to gather the faithful, for I call him first to move to Boise.
13 And when he has accomplished this and set up his families in Boise, he is called on a mission to those who call themselves the Church of the Firstborn in the country called Mexico.
14 And he shall teach and exhort, and I will place in his mouth words that will enable him to influence these people that they may be led to repentance.
15 Nevertheless, he must humble himself much, for I have beheld in his heart pride, for which My heart sorroweth and which taketh a man that he may fail withal.

16 And unto Vicki, insomuch as she hath rejected that with which her salvation cometh, she shall go and come as she pleaseth.
17 Nevertheless, I will not release her from the covenant she hath made, for it is eternal saith the LORD.
18 And she must suffer that which she chooseth to suffer unless she repents.
19 For true repentance frees a man or woman from their guilt caused by their sins.
20 Nevertheless, some must learn by what they suffer, for they take not My sufferings upon themselves, for I suffered for their sins if they but truly repent.

21 And unto My servant Steve, he shall call upon My name and receive further instruction from Me, for I have a special work that he shall perform if he but repent and prepare himself for the responsibilities that shall be his.
22 He shall not fret for his family, for if he is faithful he shall have others given unto him that his blessings may be full.
23 And ye shall not allow any more funds to come into the hands of those who desire to do their own will and not Mine.
24 For I have placed funds in their hands that they may pay the debts that they have accumulated; and they have used these funds for other things and they have not prospered, for they have not heeded My words and the debts remain unpaid.
25 For I am a jealous God and the real estate business was raised up in accordance with My commandments and therefore is it not Mine, saith the LORD?
26 And since I am a jealous God, I caused a soul to send in his surplus that these bills may have been paid.
27 But ye have now used this for other purposes and brought shame upon My name.
28 When will ye step forth and do the will of the Father given through My holy prophets?
29 For if ye will not heed the words of the vessel, will ye then not heed the creator of the vessel, even the potter?
30 For the potter createth the vessel for his benefit.
31 For the vessel containeth the living waters, and if they reject the vessel they also cast aside the living waters which is in the vessel, which is the Word of God.
32 Oh that men would repent and come unto Me and lay their burdens or sins at My feet, or in other words, through faith in Me abandon their sins.
33 For I am ready to forgive all that they may be free indeed, for without repentance there is no progression or salvation in My kingdom.
34 And many do procrastinate the day of their salvation unto their damnation.
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