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2nd Book of Commandments 59

Revelation received May 30, 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD, ye are concerned concerning the revelation ye received from My lips, for it was truly of Me, and I surely did dictate it unto thee by the still small voice.
The errors that thine accusers say that are contained in the revelation are neither errors nor false revelations; for I caused you to write them in this manner to expose those who were not of Me.
For when they received the revelation that I gave unto thee, their hearts became angry, for it chastised them for deviating from the path that I laid out for them, and they feigned righteousness.
For they had thought to destroy thee by bringing to light the errors they thought were contained in the revelation.
For if they would have had the true Spirit they would have understood My sayings, but they understood not, for the Spirit they listed to was not of Me.
And the revelation they received was from the adversary, for it was sweetly worded as were the words tempting Me while I was yet in the temporal body.
For did he not say, "It is written", and did he not then use scripture to his benefit?
But the scripture was not used unto edification, but to destroy.
For did he not say to them, "If ye are not one, ye are not Mine?"
10 Yet I say unto you: I shall divide and divide and divide again until I have a pure people, for the dross must needs be removed until the pure and refined be left, for such is the refiner's fire.
11 For behold, they had been seeking for some time to entrap thee in a snare, and when they received the revelation they saw this as an opportunity to discredit thee.
12 And I told thee not about their doings, for because of your love for them ye would have warned them and they would have waited for yet another time.
13 But it must needs be that they be exposed now that My word go forth with no further hinderance.
14 And the snare they set to entrap thee with hath become a snare unto themselves.
15 For I say unto you, a man must needs get rid of a cancer when it is yet young, for if he waits it becometh large that it destroyeth the whole.
16 For many at the time of Joseph Smith converted people to the truth, but later rebelled and tried to get those they converted to join with them in their rebelliousness.
17 And when they would not they cried, "Injustice!, for have we not labored in the field and brought these souls unto Thee and are they not ours, for wherein is our reward?"
18 They understood not that the souls they brought unto Me were converted not by their own efforts, but by the Holy Spirit which worked through them, and are they not then Mine?
19 And have not these done the same, for they sought the praise of those they considered they had converted that they may be lifted up in their eyes.
20 And they sought to impress them in a greater manner, by showing them how great intelligence they had that they were able to point out errors in doctrine in My word, and that which he did receive came from his own heart.
21 But I say unto you even now, that the prophecy which I had before stated shall be fulfilled even at this time, wherein I said that in the last days nothing shall be hidden, whether it be from above or whether it be from below.
22 For I have called, but few have heard and understood: woe shall encompass those who try and keep their counsel from the LORD and keep it hidden.
23 For of those who err it shall be proclaimed upon the housetops, and of those who say to themselves, "Who shall see it?" it will be discovered and their nakedness surely be uncovered.
24 For all the thoughts and intentions of men are surely known unto Me, and they shall be hidden no longer but be exposed by the power of My Spirit.
25 They rebelled against Me saith the LORD, and when they rebelled the Spirit of the adversary did overtake them and they truly did receive revelation, but not of Me saith the LORD.
26 They conspired against thee just as they conspired against My servant Joseph Smith, for they also did have meetings wherein they proclaimed he was a fallen prophet.
27 These men not only seek occasion against the prophets who came before, but they seek occasion against My living prophets to discredit them and make their voice of none effect.
28 Yet if they will repent, I will forgive them; and if they repent not they shall go their own way and shall be led by false prophets and revelations which will lead them to the depths of darkness.
29 For all that I have said concerning them shall surely come to pass and a portion hath already been fulfilled.
30 For did not I say unto you that I would surely expose them and that they should either repent or depart?
31 And when they received the revelation, they not having the true spirit, both spoke against it and wrote against it.
32 For as it was given in the Spirit it must needs be understood in the Spirit, and because they had not the Spirit they understood it not.
33 They had become jealous in their hearts that the LORD had not heard their prayers and had not spoken to them.
34 And they became angry and tried to destroy the credibility of My Servant before the people.
35 And the weak will fall and the strong will not be influenced.
36 For it needs be that I have a tried people, for unless they be tried, they will not have the strength to withstand the buffetings of the adversary in the evil hour that surely cometh.
37 And the rebellious will take with them those whom they will, for did I not prepare the people in a similar manner at the time of Joseph Smith?
38 For many learned men came forth at that time who desired the head, but they had not the works and they fell into the traps of the adversary.
39 By their fruits ye shall know them and those who do My will and fear not to keep all My commandments, trying for perfection, shall surely reap the right reward and these are they that shall be lifted up at the last day.
40 And in this manner ye shall know whether they be of Me or of some other source.
41 They accuse thee and say, "If ye would have taken some of the money that was given, you would now be in a much better position and the work of the LORD would have progressed to a much greater extent."
42 Behold I say unto you, if you would have taken the money ye would now have no power, but would have become like unto them.
43 For the money ye received was to be used for one purpose only, and that was to send forth the pamphlets.
44 For I likened it unto the "Dream Mine", for it produced little or nothing in all the days of My servant John Koyle and hath yet produced nothing.
45 Yet My servant did as I commanded him, having faith unto the end in spite of all the persecution and ridicule he sustained on My behalf.
46 For in all, if all your efforts bringeth nothing yet I shall say, well done thou good and faithful servants.
47 Nevertheless, there shall be much gold and silver that shall come forth because of your efforts.
48 And it is My commandment that all the funds ye receive shall be used to distribute the pamphlets and for no other purpose shall they be used.
49 And if I call upon one to make a special mission, I will provide them with sufficient funds of their own making.
50 For ye must be as My faithful servant King Benjamin who took nothing from the people for all that he did for their benefit, but worked with his hands and labored all his days for that which he required for his own needs and for the needs of his families.
51 And because of this, he was much beloved by his subjects.
52 And I say unto you, if ye would have done as commanded, the work would have now prospered.
53 And I command from this time forth until I command otherwise, that all shall labor for their own needs and for their own families and not depend on gifts of others.
54 I will bless those who will do this that they will be able to fulfill all their obligations that they be not a hinderance to the coming forth of My Kingdom.
55 And ye shall no longer go from door to door and sell to the old and preach to the young, for this is an abomination in My sight and all who do this are a mockery before Me.
56 But a time shall come when all men shall be visited, both even the living and the dead, but this shall not be until I have first called upon those who claim to be of Me and who belong to My church.
57 And ye shall no longer take into confidence those who seek after their own unless they thoroughly repent.
58 All that remain with thee and continue to do the works that I have commanded shall gather together at the place that I have appointed, and shall continue to send forth the pamphlets as I have requested.
59 And ye shall seek to My Spirit and prepare a new preface to the revelations I have commanded you to send forth, which I shall dictate unto thee.
60 Fear not little flock, for I am with thee and if ye continue to heed My Spirit ye shall receive the blessings ye desire.

61 And I am not altogether pleased with My servant, for he did fear to expose those among you who would destroy My work: for he said, "If I do this, will I not then be alone again, for will not all men leave me?"
62 For I did show unto him these men long ago, yet he took no action in the matter, supposing that I had meant someone else.
63 Yea and also he confided in them that what he should not have, even some of the sacred things of My kingdom, and in this ye may have been destroyed.
64 Yet have l spared thee again this one time.
65 And ye shall do what ye have to do to sell both houses, for it needs be that they be sold and My work commenced.
66 The property in Cardston ye have obtained according to My will for a wise purpose, for it was I who softened the hearts of those with whom ye dealt, and I guided your hands.
67 For oft times I use the power that the wicked have to perform My works and they know it not.
68 And ye shall not destroy the former revelation, but ye shall keep it that it may be compared to the new copy that I caused ye to write that it may show how the LORD doth deal with the children of men and that His wisdom is greater than theirs.
69 For he knoweth the hearts of all men.
70 And ye shall make an explanation as to the reason why it was received in this manner, for the purpose even of exposing those who were not of Me who sought to deceive and lead the people in the wrong paths.
71 And I make an end of speaking at this time.
Even so, Amen.
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