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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 60

Various Revelations received 1973 to 1980
While living in Alberta, Canada

[May-June 1980]
Thus saith the LORD unto My servants: I am well pleased with My servant William, for he has carried on while all others have gone their own way.
And his publication that he hath started shall continue to be called The Restorer, yet it shall become an arm of the School of the Prophets, for it is My purpose that it shall be.
And if he will have it he shall be a spokesman in this House.
And unto the residue of My people, I am well pleased that ye are again about sending forth of the prophecies and revelations received by My Servant.
And I say unto you, as long as ye pursue this course My Spirit shall be with you, and ye shall have sufficient funds to accomplish this work.
But if ye deviate from this path, My Spirit will not attend thee and ye shall not prosper.
And My Servant shall form organizations in Canada, even the setting up of the United Order and the necessary organizations pertaining thereto.
But he shall not set up the School of the Prophets, for it is My will that for the time being that it shall be set up in Boise.
And this would have already been set up had My servants heeded My voice instead of going their own way.
10 But it will be set up before another year pass, and it shall be a blessing to the people.
11 For if a man or woman resisteth My Spirit by disobedience, it shall be replaced by a spirit which is not of Me but of a different source that leadeth not unto salvation, but leadeth a person carefully into forbidden paths.
12 And also unto the residue of My people who have stepped forth, I am pleased with your efforts to do My will, but ye are weak and do stumble because of your ignorance.
13 Therefore ye shall diligently study those things that have been written that ye begin to understand My mind and will and be no longer ignorant.
14 And when ye begin to do My will it will naturally follow that ye will receive the accompanying blessing.
15 What then can ye say, is there anyone that can speak against Me who shall not be held accountable for his words?
16 Behold I say unto you, Nay. For all words that men say they surely shall be accountable before Me at the last day.
17 Behold I regard not age, for men must keep My commandments regardless of their age, for all must endure until the end to be worthy of My Kingdom;
18 Nevertheless, children are sinless in My sight, for did not I say "suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not," for they are without sin until they begin to be accountable before Me, saith the LORD.

19 Behold I say unto you, I give unto you a question. A man came as a great warrior and committed much evil, murdering, raping and plundering--
20 And another came after him in the guise of righteousness, perverting the people's minds to false notions, blinding them to the truth, binding the hearts and minds of men to mental slavery from generation to generation.
21 Behold I say unto you, who is the greater sinner?
22 For one is truly a sinner and such is evidenced by his works while the other subtlely seeks to bind the minds and souls of men.
23 Behold I say unto you, those who seek to bind the souls and minds of men are much greater sinners than those who bind and fetter the physical bodies of men, and their punishment is of much greater intensity than that of the other.
24 Nevertheless, no sin is acceptable in My sight, and all shall be punished according as their works shall be.
[January 1980]
25 My son ye have come before Me in humility at this time, and ye have prayed that My vengeance be poured out upon the wicked starting with My Kingdom; and behold ye have asked aright, and I command all those who have accepted the words of the prophets to pray thus:
26 Father in heaven, we Thy sons and daughters, who have seen the truth of Thy words and have stepped forward, do see that those who delight in the praise of men and the fares of this world have taken hold of Thy Kingdom on this earth.
27 And we who are the rightful heirs have been cast out and can no longer partake of Thy holy sacraments and holy covenants in Thy Holy Temples.
28 We pray therefore Father, that Thy vengeance be poured out without measure upon these wicked men who have deceived the whole nation with their lies and hypocrisies, that they no longer stand in the way of the truth being restored, and of Thy blessings being poured out upon the righteous.
29 Cast them out with a mighty hand, that their root and branch be cut off, and their name become a hiss and a byword if they continue on in the path of unrighteousness and repent not.
Even so, Amen.
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