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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 61

Revelation received July, 1980
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
Containing the United Order Covenants

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant who has come before Me this day in prayer and wonderment; for ye have seen the dishonesty and deceitfulness in the world, man towards man, and ye have despaired.
But I say unto you, there shall be no such thing in Zion, for one man shall not charge another for his money, for such is usury and oppression.
For no one shall live off the proceeds of usury, for such income is not earned income.
For have I not said that all must labor in Zion?
But some desire not to labor and thus they charge interest on the money that they accumulate, and thus they oppress the poor and destitute.
And if any man be in Zion and he borrow monies deceitfully from the common fund and he take that money and lend it to another to make a profit from it, ye shall take that man and take from him of his assets to cover the money that he borrowed and give unto him the residue of his properties and dispel him from the Order, unless he repents and returns that which he hath taken.
For no man or woman in Zion shall benefit unfairly from the difficulties of others.
And when ye are in the Order, ye shall not seek credit or borrow monies from other sources, but ye shall pay for all things ye must needs purchase from Babylon at the time ye purchase it.
And any man who hath debts in Babylon shall not enter the Order until these debts are paid.
10 And if a man borrow from another in the Order, he shall do it and record the transaction at the United Order office that it be recorded.
11 But it would be better if the man lending to the other place such monies in the common fund that it be made available to build up the stewardship of all worthy members.
12 And all the laws pertaining to honesty concerning man's dealing with his fellow men, that are contained in the holy scriptures which are correct, shall be reinstated and become part of My laws.
13 For a man must needs first abide by the law that he obtain the Spirit.
14 And these are the covenants ye shall make when ye enter the Order, even the United Order after the Holy Order of God.
15 I covenant before man and God and before these witnesses here assembled that I will live the laws of the United Order pertaining to the Holy Order of God, and that the surplus of My properties be made available to all those who are worthy and within the said Order and qualify in the building up of their own stewardship and inheritance.
16 One-tenth of all my properties I do hereby donate to the Order for the building up of Zion. And from this time forth I do hereby donate one-tenth of my increase each year.
17 I hereby also accept the laws of Jubilee wherein all men's debts are canceled after a fifty year period and in some cases every seven years certain debts of the poor and destitute are forgiven.
18 I hereby covenant that I will keep the Sabbath day holy (Saturday) and cause myself or none of my family or those under my jurisdiction to work on this day, except for those who are obligated to look after the sick and destitute.
19 And I hereby covenant that I will honor the LORD's day (Sunday) and perform all the necessary duties and obligations to the LORD on that day.

20 I hereby also covenant that I will keep the laws of God and live them, even the Ten Commandments as outlined, and all other laws that are contained in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and all other Holy Scriptures even up to the present time as pertaining to my relationship to my God and to my fellow men.

21 I covenant before God and man and these witnesses assembled here that I will from this time forth seek to build up the LORD's kingdom upon the earth.
22 And I consecrate all my possessions, goods, abilities, mental powers and physical strength to the furthering of His work upon the earth, and recognize that all is His, and that I am no longer an owner of my properties but a steward only.

23 I covenant also that I will help the destitute and needy, the deformed and the cripple, the widowed and the orphaned; that I will look after my own first and others that need my help second.
24 If my brother die and is taken, I covenant that I will take to me his widow or widows that I may raise up unto him a righteous posterity, that they may not seek to Babylon for assistance and that the voice of my brother not call on me from the grave and seek vengeance upon me.
25 I also covenant to take unto myself all wives, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, goods and possessions that the LORD doth give unto me by revelation and by a sign and witness.

26 I also covenant that I will keep all the other laws pertaining to the marriage covenant now revealed to the children of men, and all that yet may be revealed pertaining to this holy covenant.

27 I also covenant that if I persistently break the laws of God and seek my own and no longer desire to associate or build up Zion on this earth, I will withdraw from the Order and will claim and take only that which is against my name in the Order, less loans and debts and one-tenth that I have donated to the Order.
28 And if any of my family desire to stay in the Order, I will not forbid them to do so, neither will I force them to leave with me.

29 I hereby covenant that I will live the Word of Wisdom comprising Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants, and will seek continually to partake of only food and drink that will be healthy and nutritious for myself and family and not use the foods and fares of Babylon.

30 I also covenant to keep my body clean, and not partake of or inhale any type of smoke, drug, or strong drink that is harmful to the body and mind of man, that I may raise up unto God a healthy and righteous generation.

31 I also covenant that all lands and possessions under my jurisdiction as pertaining to my stewardship I shall keep in good repair, and that I shall keep all lands under my care clean from weeds and refuse; and properly fenced.

32 And I covenant that I will build up the soil according to the best farming practices, putting into it more than is taken from it and resting it every seventh year according to the laws of God.

33 I hereby covenant also to accept and live any and all new confirmed and proven revelations pertaining to the upbuilding of the LORD's kingdom (Zion) on the earth.

34 I hereby covenant that I will diligently teach my wives, children and all those under my jurisdiction the true gospel of Jesus Christ, that I will teach unto my sons a trade and unto my daughters the duties of womanhood and a trade also if they so desire, that they all may grow up in purity and righteousness before the LORD.

35 And ye shall also covenant that ye will support and seek to build up the School of the Prophets, that true and righteous principles be taught throughout the world and be available to all men who seek after true principles, for this is the educational arm of My kingdom (Zion).

36 And ye shall also covenant to build up My church which is the missionary arm of My kingdom; nevertheless, it must needs be cleansed for it has become corrupted.
37 And ye shall also covenant that ye shall seek to build up the Kingdom of God, which is the political arm of My kingdom that hath been set up, that all men on the face of the earth may live in peace, each man respecting the beliefs and customs of others.

38 For these are the four arms, yea even the four squares of My kingdom that hath been promised that will be set up in the last days.
39 For the United Order after the Holy Order of God is the economic arm, the School of the Prophets the educational arm, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the missionary arm and the Kingdom of God the political arm.
40 Each must be built up according to My plan and My statutes that all may come to the knowledge of the Kingdom, that there be peace on earth and good will towards all men.
41 And no man can say that one member is more important than another, for all are essential for the temporal and spiritual salvation of man.
42 And the children of men hath not understood and have tried to set these up, but because they have endeavored to mix with the truth the teachings and wisdom of man, they have failed and these arms and members have become corrupted and are no longer of any effect.
43 And these are the covenants ye shall make before Me before entering into Mine Order, that order may prevail in My kingdom, for the idle and lazy and liar and deceiver shall not enter therein.
44 And ye shall continue and say:

45 These covenants I do hereby make before God, man and these witnesses here assembled, acknowledging my faults and claiming the privilege of seeking repentance and forgiveness for my transgressions and errors.
Even so, Amen.
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