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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 62

Revelation received October 25, 1980
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

The mind and will of the LORD to his people who have stepped forward in these last days, who have accepted the words of the prophets and who have taken up the standard of liberty and hath flashed the sword of justice.
The word of the LORD saith thus unto them. Unless I utter otherwise, ye shall all gather at Boise in the State of Idaho that ye may begin to be a power unto Me saith the LORD.
For strong prayer correctly directed shall avail much, for I shall heed the prayers of the righteous, and the pompous and those that lift themselves up shall be humbled.
And ye shall set up the United Order in this place and also in the place called Cardston on the property owned by My servant, for I have led him to this place for a purpose.
And he shall set up the United Order under the Societies Act, incorporating it to protect it from the evils of the world and the craftiness of men.
And I call Robert2, Scott, Mildred, Opal, Edith, Robert, and Patrick to prepare themselves to take upon them the covenants of the United Order in Canada.
And I call William, Opal, Susan, Steve, Barbara and Kathy to organize the United Order in Idaho.
And of those who have fallen, if they repent I call upon them also, if they will humble themselves and claim no further revelation saith the LORD.
For the revelation they have received is not from Me.

10 And ye shall contact My servant Quayle who hath charge of the Mine and explain unto him My teachings and if he accepts them, ye shall form the United Order in Utah and invite all who have shares in the Mine to participate in this Order.
11 And ye shall call these organizations ye will set up the United Order after the Holy Order of God.
12 Nevertheless, for legal purposes ye shall call that which ye organize in Canada the United Order Society of Alberta.
13 And wherever there is a group of believers, ye shall set up the United Order in that place if it has been designated by Me a place of refuge.
14 Therefore ye shall call that which ye organize in Boise the United Order Society of Idaho and that which ye organize in Utah the United Order Society of Utah, and this is My commandment to you.
15 And ye have asked concerning the women who enter the Order, that their covenants must needs be different than the men in some respects.
16 And they shall covenant that they shall obey with willingness the laws of their husband as long as he is in accordance with the laws of God.
17 And they also must be placed under covenant that they will teach unto their children the laws of God according to that which has been given, and to the best of their ability.
18 They shall also accept all who do enter their husbands family as brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, wives and children, that their eternal inheritance be assured.
Even so, Amen.
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