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2nd Book of Commandments 63

Revelation received November 27, 1980
And Thereafter as Designated
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye have neglected the responsibility that ye have in setting an example for My people, for ye have not yet moved to the United States as I have commanded you on several occasions.
Nevertheless, ye shall tarry in Cardston for the present and set up and organize the United Order in this place as a witness to the inhabitants of this place that I am with thee, and a testimony against them if they repent not.
And ye shall speedily send out the pamphlets that have been prepared, for it must needs be that My people be called as in the parable of the wedding supper.
For the wedding feast is the Word of God that shall be given in its fullness.
And I say unto you My son that ye shall endeavor to accomplish this before the new year.
For ye have an important mission to accomplish in the United States that will soon require thy presence.

[November 28, 1980]
And the heavens were opened unto thee, and ye were able to understand that which ye before had not understood.
And ye were able to converse with Me, being in the spirit, and ye thought it someone else, for ye had talked to Me on many occasions by My Spirit and ye knew it not.
Nevertheless, our spirits conversed freely and ye understood not the instances when we spoke, for we spoke by the spirit, but your mind was enlightened, and when ye awoke ye knew things ye knew not before.
10 For these things had been revealed to you while you were in the spirit and when you awoke, ye knew.
11 And this has been shown unto you that ye may believe.

12 The conversation ye remember is this: I the Lord God asked two questions: what is ordinary politics (politics of man) and again, what is personal politics (politics of God)?
13 And ye remember that ye answered these questions correctly, yet ye cannot now remember the answers ye gave.
14 Nevertheless, the answers will come to you again and be a testimony that indeed our conversation did take place.
15 For I am the LORD and do make My will known to My chosen by whatever means they are able to stand.
16 And when men become truly righteous and have developed an open mind to My will, and accomplish My will, I come and sup with them and do surround them with righteous spirits, that the knowledge of these righteous spirits be made available to them.
17 For have I not said that when two or more are gathered together in My name, there will I be also?
18 And I will teach the righteous, howbeit they may not always remember My presence and when I did instruct them, for it was in the spirit that they were instructed and not in the flesh.
19 For if a man or woman steal, lie, commit adultery, or bear false witness, I say unto you these be not the sins, but the results of the former sin which already hath taken place, which is a rebellious heart.
20 For the sins are not the actions, but are the rebelliousness and stiffneckedness which precedes the evil acts.
21 For is this not the example of the repentant publican who beat upon his chest and said, "Forgive Me LORD, for I am a great sinner", for he had committed many evil acts, but yet he had not closed his heart to the truth and was forgiven.
22 And the Pharisee who knelt beside him said, "LORD, I am glad that I am not like this publican and sinner." Behold, this man committed not the acts yet received not forgiveness, for his heart was closed to the truth.
23 Who then was the greater sinner?
24 Nevertheless, those who open their hearts and accept truth, yet when they receive a hard commandment close their hearts and let no further truth enter, behold they shall lose even that which they have.
25 For those who come unto Me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, these are those who have opened their heart to the truth, and they shall receive forgiveness.
26 And those who come before Me in any other way receive not forgiveness and shall eventually fail.
27 And when a man receives forgiveness, I remove from his path the stumbling block.
28 And when a man receives not forgiveness, he remains in the same state of darkness, condemning and persecuting those who seek My kingdom.
29 Behold I say unto you, it will be easier for the lowly Lamanite to repent than it will be for My people who have become rebellious to the truth and have stiffnecked ways.
30 And ye say of them, "We thank God that ye have made us not like unto them."
31 But I say unto you, are ye not worse off than them? For ye have caused yourselves to be led by false prophets and men who seek the glory of the world instead of My will.
32 Yea, I will pour out My wrath upon this people if they repent not, and I will humble them that they be lower than the lowly Lamanites, that they no longer say that they are better than them, for I will surely purge them and scourge them and place them in the fire of adversity and the furnace of oppression, that perhaps a few repent and come unto Me.
33 And I sent My prophet and they have heeded him not, for their hearts are as flint and they say to themselves, "We are the righteous of the earth", but they deceive themselves and have taken up league with the evil one.

[January 18, 1981]
34 And at the time of My servant Joseph Smith, he endeavored to teach the people and they received much but did not completely open up their hearts to receive all.
35 For I surely would have given unto them all had they but opened their hearts.
36 But the majority shouted, "It is enough", and My Spirit withdrew, being offended.
37 And because they had but part of the whole, whenever they endeavored to form the units of My Kingdom, they failed, for can a builder build a house with only part of the whole plan?
38 Behold, if he endeavors to do so, many things will be left out.
39 And if he endeavors to build without the remainder of the plans, behold I say unto you, will the building be according to the plan of the architect?
40 Behold I say unto you nay, for it will contain the ideas and plans of the builder.
41 Behold, I am the architect and there is a pattern set forth from before the foundation of the earth that man must follow, otherwise they and their works shall fail.
42 And I send unto you the plan through my messenger, even the prophet, to give you My will concerning the building of the edifice, but who heedeth the messenger?
43 Behold, ye heed not My word through him, but go your own way seeking to build the edifice but not unto Me.
44 And I say unto you, all edifices not built after the pattern of the architect shall be destroyed at My coming.
Even so, Amen.
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