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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 67

Revelation received March 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye have neglected to take pen in hand and heed My Spirit, for there are many things that I have to reveal unto this people that are necessary for their salvation and for their knowledge and understanding.
For ye are Mine oracle and mouthpiece, and because of thy faithfulness, thou hast been given this responsibility and behold I have given you this authority and none can take it from you.
For many desire this gift and it flees from them because they desire it for their own use and pleasure.
And some take strong herbs, which for a time give them a feeling of power and strength, but when it is diminished they are left alone and have no power.
For the power of the Spirit is obtained by faith and works and obedience to My laws and all other ways faileth.
For I trieth those I love in the fire of adversity and those who are faithful shall be given the righteous desires of their hearts, for they seek it for others sakes and not for their own.
And some receive a spirit, but not of Me, and it leadeth them into forbidden paths.
And when it hath brought them nigh unto destruction they are left unto their own, and they see their folly and there is much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
For they seek to have glory unto themselves and seek not after My glory.
10 And thus they are enticed by evil spirits which appear as spirits of light and thus they are deceived.
11 Oh! My heart pines for those that are fallen of Israel, who seek after their own counsel and say in their hearts, "I am a great one in God's eyes." For I say unto you, unless they humbleth themselves and shed off their proud heart, they shall perish.
12 Howbeit they say, "We are not proud", but their pride is hidden under a mantle of feigned humility, but in their hearts they desire the head.

13 What ye have thought concerning the Negro is correct, for when I brought Adam into the garden of Eden, behold he named all of the animals that were created including the "beast of the field", which were the most intelligent of all animals that were created, for they did walk upright as a man doeth and had the power of speech.
14 Adam and his posterity were given dominion over all creatures God had prepared for them including these beasts, or the beasts of the field.
15 But Cain, Adam's son, seeing their intelligence became confederate with them and instead of having dominion over them became equal with them, subjecting himself to them.
16 Behold I say unto you, Adam was My son and I gave him dominion over all living creatures that had been created according to the pattern of all things in the six periods of time called days.
17 For I created all things that they be subject unto him, including the "beasts of the field", made in the form of man yet having the soul of the beast.
18 I instructed Adam that he should not, nor any of his posterity, have sexual intercourse with these beasts, for the resulting offspring would then be like unto the beasts, yea even less than the beast.
19 And such would be a cursed race, which curse would be an eternal curse, irreversible and unalterable, being a curse by He who is eternal, even God.
20 This Cain knew, yet he chose one from among the beasts of the field to lie with her, and thus I sealed her to him as according to law, and forbade him to take unto himself any from the seed of Adam to wife.
21 Cain's countenance fell, and he rebelled against My word in this matter, for he desired his sister to wife who was promised unto righteous Abel.
22 And for this reason he slew Abel, believing that in the disappearance of righteous Abel, Adam would surely give the damsel unto him as wife in spite of My curse.
23 But behold I revealed the evil act unto Adam and forbade him to give her unto Cain because of the evil work that he had done.
24 And I promised Adam at that time that I would raise up another in Abel's stead for the damsel to marry.
25 Cain was cast out of the society of man, and he was cursed in that his posterity would forever have a dark skin and would become servants of servants, even that they would both bow to man and the beast also, even the Negro whom I had blessed according to the earth, yet forbade him from ever holding the Priesthood which was reserved for the pure seed of Adam alone.
26 Nevertheless, when the seed of Abel shall come forth among the children of men in the latter days, even the righteous seed, and they become a numerous host, behold, those of the seed of Cain who hath been faithful shall I give unto them a portion of the Priesthood, but not all.
27 Unto the pure Negro, they cannot hold the Priesthood, worlds without end, for they need not the Priesthood to perform their duties upon the earth.
28 The seed of righteous Abel cannot come forth until Zion be established.
29 At the time of the flood, when My servant Noah did build the ark according to My instructions, behold there were but eight souls who had not corrupted themselves with the fares of the world, even Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives.
30 Nevertheless, Ham being otherwise a righteous man desired a descendant of Cain to wife, and because of this he perpetuated the curse in the land.
31 When they gathered together the animals and the beasts of the field to take with them in the ark, behold they chose of every clean animal eight in number, and as the beasts of the field were clean, they chose eight of these who were willing to come to attend them in the ark.
32 Behold I say unto you, that there is no curse upon the Negro race, only when it is mixed with that of the seed of Adam does a curse occur.
33 For the Negro are a noble and intelligent race, being blessed in all manner of material gifts, as artisans, and fine artificers, and in the manufacturing of all manner of useful items, and for labor in the town and in the field, for the benefit of man.
34 For this was the plan of creation, that they would be blessed as a people if they would heed the word of God concerning them.
35 There was no need for this race to receive the Priesthood, for it had no use or place in their lives, being reserved for the seed of Adam only.
36 This is the knowledge of the seed of Cain and his posterity in all his generations, and how he was led by the adversary to disobey My commandments, and how he fell from that which could have been his because of his evil acts, and how he and his race corrupted the earth to where a cleansing was necessary, even the flood, that this evil be destroyed from the face of the earth.
37 Behold I say unto you, that even a greater evil is upon the face of the earth today, for there are all manner of churches upon the face of the earth, and My holy doctrines which I have revealed unto man have been corrupted in every way that they resemble even the beasts and the mixture of seeds that were brought about through the instrumentality of Cain in the days before the flood.
38 As I destroyed this evil from the earth at that time by the waters, so also shall I surely destroy the wicked at this time by the brightness of My coming, even by fire.
39 I make an end of speaking unto My servant, I am Alpha and Omega, even the beginning and the end.
Even so, Amen.
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