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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 68

Revelation received April 24, 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, what you have considered concerning the lamb is correct, for when I placed Adam upon the earth he was commanded to give the firstborn of his flocks and the firstfruits of his orchards and fields, and this to signify that the firstborn of the Father, even Mine only Begotten, would come in the meridian of time to be a sacrifice for the sins of the people.
And even so do I require this of My people at this time, for the time is even at the doors when money shall be of little or no value, and there shall be value only in the material goods.
And it is important that My people shall be free of debt, that no claim can be made upon their properties in the perilous times to come, for these times are even at the doors, even as I have before told unto thee.
And My people must needs gather together in Boise for the present, that they become strong and their prayers ascend up before Me to be heard and heeded.
But the adversary seeketh to divide, that My people be scattered, that their prayers be ineffectual.
Behold I say unto you, that I am pleased with the efforts of My servants William and Opal, for they have carried the work load upon their shoulders, and have carried it off; and I am pleased with their efforts in sending forth the pamphlets as a warning voice to My people that the sins of these people lie no longer upon you.
And My Servant shall lift up his voice as opportunities present themselves to expound the doctrines of the Kingdom unto those who will listen as I have before commanded him, that men will be left without excuse.
Those who lift up their heel against My Servant lift up their heel against Me also, and shall reap their reward.
For if a man hireth another to work for him to perform a given task, will not this man back up the decisions of the man he hireth?
10 So also will I support those whom I call and appoint, and those that hate thee hate Me, and those that shun thee, shun Me, and those that persecute thee, persecute Me saith the LORD.
11 For I have appointed thee and called thee to be a prophet unto these people, and as they have ignored thee, so also shall I ignore their pleas in the day of visitation.
12 For they call upon Me with their lips, but they know Me not, for they seek after the things of the earth, and not My will saith the LORD.
13 And they shall be left without root or branch if they repent not, and they shall seek comfort from Me and find it not.
14 And then shall they marvel and lose faith, for I will not heed their prayers, for they heard Me not when I called to them by My servant, whom I called and appointed, but sought after those that spoke pleasant things to them, praising them for their works, which works are putrid before My face.
Even so, Amen.
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