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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 69

Revelation received July, 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD, behold I say unto you, ye have My revelations through My prophets Joseph Smith, John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff.
Behold, ye know that they did receive revelation and ye have them before you and ye know by My Spirit that they are true, and ye have also the revelations of Mine ancient prophets and ye know that they are also from Me, yet many have been doctored by the willful acts of men.
And ye know this by the voice of My Spirit which is the still small voice.
And this Spirit shall guide you in all your decisions concerning the correctness of any revelation, whether it be of Me or from any other source.
For if a revelation is from Me, it shall bring comfort to the righteous and rebuke the wicked.
It shall instruct, guide and direct those who desire to live My commandments, or it shall give instructions to the individual that will guide that person to the Eternal worlds.
Yea, and the prophecies it contains shall surely come to pass.
Without this Spirit the person is left to his own, to kick against the pricks.
Such are those who disobey My word through the prophet.
10 Behold there is not one, no not one, who does not now fear to keep all My commandments.
11 For disobedience bringeth damnation, offending the guiding Spirit until repentance intercedes and restores.
12 For I am a merciful God, otherwise none could stand.
13 Where are a people to do My will? Behold I have looked in vain; therefore, I must bring about circumstances that will cause My people to repent, for they are drunk with the fatness of the land.
14 But I will make the fatness lean, and the pleasures a hedge. And where there is prosperity, there shall be poverty, and where there is security there shall be fear.
15 Would that they would heed My word in their prosperity, but pride taketh their hearts, for they think that with their own hands they have gained their prosperity.
16 Behold, all that now stands shall fail, yea even your great banks and lending institutions, your great corporations that make of the employee a slave, yea and the governments that support them.
17 Will ye then set up My holy order or perish?
18 Behold I say unto you My son: ye are but one, but will yet make of thee a multitude.
19 For those who say they believe, yet do nothing, are liars and those that say they believe, yet heed not all My words, deceive themselves, and shall eventually fail.
20 Until I have a people that are willing to forsake all of Babylon, behold I say, Zion cannot be established.
21 Therefore repent My little ones; harden not your hearts that ye may be saved in the Kingdom of your Father.
Even so, Amen.
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