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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 70

Revelation received July 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

I say unto you, I give unto you a parable.
Behold a husbandman purchased a field and planted a garden, and the floods came and destroyed all but a small portion.
And the floods receded and he was able to plant some of it again, but it was not as large as at first for the ground remained in portions of the field too wet, and the season was also advanced.
And again the heavens were opened and the rains did come and again flooded the land and the farmer became very discouraged, for again much of what he planted was destroyed.
And he thought to himself, "The season is far advanced, and if I plant again will there be time for it to mature?"
And so he planted his seed again, howbeit it was not as large an area as even the second time he planted, and he was careful and tended the field, and weeded it well and watered it to give it the best advantage he could.
And it grew, but because of the short season some did not mature, but there was sufficient for his needs and the needs of his family for the hard winter.
But the portion that was too wet was not replanted and later the ground eventually became dry and the weeds became abundant.
And the husbandman said to himself, "If I allow these weeds to mature they will seed and again pollute My garden.
10 Therefore I must purchase equipment to kill these weeds, for they have grown exceedingly large."
11 He went therefore, and purchased equipment and he worked diligently and tilled and made bare.
12 Behold I say unto you, I the LORD am the husbandman; the earth is the field; and what say ye of this parable?
13 For I have seeded and few have heard My voice for the floods of the deceitful one have come and destroyed the majority of that which was seeded.
14 And again I came and did seed, and again the floods did come and destroy again that which was planted.
15 Yet I say unto you, I will seed again even though the season is well advanced, that perhaps I will gain some unto Myself, to store up in My storehouse.
16 But I will separate the good from the evil, gathering the righteous unto one place; and I will nurture them and care for them, and they shall bear fruit.
17 And the residue of My garden I shall utterly destroy, for they shall not again pollute My field.
18 And all those that are left in Babylon, who heed not My voice and gather not to the places appointed, shall be destroyed with the wicked.

19 For I did call My servant Joseph Smith, and through him I planted the seed of truth, and few were faithful in his generation.
20 And again I did call My servant John Koyle and the truth through him did cause some to repent, yet few did survive.
21 But I say unto you, I will plant again, yea even a small garden by the hand of My Servant whom I have chosen, but that which I now plant will I carefully weed and protect.
22 For I will surely separate them by a great sifting and setting in order, and it shall survive until I come to take it to Myself.
Even so, Amen.
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