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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 71

Revelation received September 22, 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD. Behold I say unto you that I am angry at those who say they love Me yet heed none of the words that I have before commanded them.
And now they desire more revelation yet disregard that which they have already received.
Behold I say unto you, they are like the man who said, "I will go" and went not.
And some who say now, "I will not go", will eventually repent and be fruitful unto Me; therefore, can man judge man?
Behold I say unto you, nay. For he knoweth not his heart neither can he know his intent for such is known unto Me, saith the LORD.
Behold I am with thee continually in this work and all that thou hast done shall surely not be forgotten.
And now I say unto you, write unto My servant Quayle and present to him My plan which I shall show unto thee, that perhaps he will repent and turn unto Me and help thee in this matter.
But behold, who will listen to My servants when those whom they call have an overabundance of goods, and they are comfortable in their houses?
What must I do to cause My people to repent? Must I take from them their luxuries and comforts and fine apparel, and even humble them to the earth? Then will they heed My word?
10 Behold I say unto you, it is better for a man to come before Me in his prosperous circumstances than when he is humbled by the wrath of Mine anger, for his faith is then based upon love rather than fear.
11 Such will receive a much greater reward in My kingdom
12 Nevertheless, My heart is open to all men if they truly repent, even if it is because of what they suffer.
13 Behold, I have much more to say unto this people by way of instruction and doctrine, until they have all truth and stand before Me naked, or in other words, without excuse.
14 For now is the time for some of the prophecies made through the instrumentality of My servant John Koyle to come to pass.
15 For it is My will that the stockholders in this Mine known as the "Relief Mine", shall gather together and commence to instigate a financial institution based upon true principles, and not upon the precepts of men.
16 For until all things are one, such an institution is necessary to unite My people and prepare them to live the United Order after My holy Order, and unite themselves into one.
17 For those who are not one are not Mine.
18 And it is My will that man shall not charge for the use of his surplus monies, for such is usury and an abomination unto Me.
19 And all who will not come under this Order are in danger of being left in Babylon and of the burnings.
20 Behold, ye have asked Me how the bank will survive the coming calamities.
21 Behold I say unto you, it will survive only if you do what I say concerning the matter, and that only after a severe testing of your faith which will separate the wheat from the chaff, shall it be saved on this wise.
22 Each one who has placed their surplus monies and properties in these institutions and have entered into and taken unto them the covenants of My most Holy Order, behold, their money and values will be redeemable in gold as follows.
23 One ounce of gold for every $100.00 or value thereof that has been placed into the common fund, and for every Relief Mine share 10 ounces of gold.
24 This shall be done only as fast as the gold can be mined and minted.
25 Those who have entered into the covenants first shall be the first to be redeemed and those who have entered at a later date being the second to be redeemed, all in order according to their date of entry into the Order-- that all may be in accordance with My law which is just and equitable.
26 And no man shall consider their wealth their own, but shall make their surplus properties available to others entering the Order according to their worthiness and faithfulness and honesty.
27 For no dishonest man shall be allowed to borrow monies from the common fund, for such will but squander and waste these monies and be lost and bring Zion into jeopardy; and none shall profit thereby.
28 Howbeit, they can use what they must for their own needs and for their family or families.
29 Nevertheless, if they begin to covet their surplus monies and use it for the lifting up of their pride and self-indulgence they shall be expelled from the Order, for they have lost the Spirit and have become greedy and covetous.
30 And they shall be given that with which they entered, their properties and monies in common currency, but not the gold, for they entered the Order without the gold, therefore they shall leave without it, for it can be used only for the upbuilding of My Kingdom.
31 Yet I will reveal more concerning this matter, but ye have sufficient for the moment.
Even so, Amen.
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