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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 73

Revelation received December 17, 1981
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, ye shall say unto My servant Robert2 that I have heard his prayers and they are acceptable unto Me.
Yet he hath not yet repented of all his sins, for those who seek to enter My Kingdom without repentance deceive themselves and will be overcome and fail.
Therefore, he shall repent of his sins and then present himself before Me, and behold My Spirit shall come upon him and he shall know that his sacrifice is acceptable.

Behold he has asked thee concerning the area where he now lives, whether it be a place of gathering, and I say unto you that it is a choice land.
Nevertheless, those who do now reside there, and others, have corrupted the land and it must needs be cleansed first of its filthiness.
And Mine elect must needs be gathered to the places appointed wherein they shall be safe when My destroying angel shall pass over.

And I now call upon Mine elect, for they shall hear My voice and do My will; nevertheless, they must beware least they be deceived.
The places I have appointed, I have appointed, and there are none other at the present, for even at these places none are yet gathered; and if none are gathered and My judgments come, will not all be destroyed?
Yet I will gather Mine elect from the four quarters of the earth as I have promised.
10 Yet I will give you more concerning the United Order, for when ye gather ye shall be under this Order, or ye are not Mine.
11 For many now do reside in Cardston and other places of gathering yet are not under this Order, therefore, they are not Mine.
12 For when they enter the Order they shall further covenant that they shall gather to the places appointed, and this that they be not destroyed along with the wicked.
13 For they who gather, yet enter not the Order are not of Me.
14 For My sheep know My voice, and My sheep are the lost tribes of Israel, and Ephraim is My firstborn and shall be gathered first.
15 Yet I am merciful to all those who repent and come unto Me.
16 And again I say unto you, that it is the responsibility of each family to teach their children the true principles that have been revealed, and they shall not leave this responsibility to another.
17 For the Sunday School was set up for the purpose of teaching those whose parents had neglected this matter, and according to My laws these children should have been given unto others.
18 For when a parent neglects this matter he has lost the right to these children, and under My law they shall be given unto others.
19 Yet if the parents are ignorant, they shall be taught by the School of the Prophets if they are willing until they are familiar with and able and willing to live My laws and to teach these laws to their children.
20 If they are not willing they shall not enter into the order, nor be part of My kingdom.
21 The Sunday School was set up because the law of adoption was done away with, and they knew not what else to do.
22 And thus it is that when the people reject part of My law they set up laws of their own device, believing they are wiser than their God.
23 Thus they begin to rely on the arm of flesh, and are weakened in their faith and are ready to be deceived even by the great Deceiver.
24 And thus he leads them carefully down to hell.

25 And some have asked concerning the baptism of Adam, which record is contained in the book called the Pearl of Great Price.
26 And behold, it is because of the hardness of their hearts that they ask this, for they seek to find fault with the word that ye have received.
27 And they are like unto Laman and Lemuel and seek to find excuses not to accept My word through thee that they may discredit thee and excuse themselves from living all My commandments.
28 Yet I will explain this to them that perhaps they will see the pit the adversary has prepared for them and repent.
29 For I say unto you, that it was not the Holy Ghost that lifted him up and baptized him, but it was My Spirit or power that did this thing that he fulfill all righteousness.
30 It was preparatory to his being ordained to the office of the Holy Ghost which fell upon him at that time, which ordination he received from his Father who performed this responsibility upon the earth where he dwelt.
Even so, Amen.
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