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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 74

Revelation received January 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, ye have asked Me why ye have not received wives as ye have been promised that ye may raise up a righteous generation.
Behold I say unto you, that there are few on this earth prepared for My Kingdom which is of the Celestial, and even ye are not yet prepared for this responsibility.
Therefore, ye must needs be more diligent in preparing for this, and place into practice those laws which ye have already been given, yea even to the setting up of My Kingdom that laws may be brought forth that will enable all who so desire to keep all of My commandments.
For until this government is established those who desire to keep all of My commandments will be thwarted in their efforts because of the lack of understanding among the people.
And these laws shall be revealed to thee from time to time as ye are able to receive them.
Nevertheless, some are contained in My holy writ but contain errors of men.
Yet ye shall endeavor to keep all the commandments ye are able, and to teach these laws unto all those whom I shall reveal to thee, both men and women.

And unto the women I have given the sign and witness, for this identifieth the true seed of Israel.
For none who are not of the house of Israel and of the chosen seed shall receive this sign, for it is given unto My people only.
10 Yet none of the women have stepped forth who are willing to keep all of My commandments, except My maidservants Barbara and Opal, and even they understand not all that is required of them and they hesitate in their deliberations.
11 For a woman must be obedient in all things to be found worthy to bear the chosen race.
12 Yet I have decreed in My heart that I will bring forth this generation that will keep all of My commandments, even if they learn obedience by what they suffer.
13 For it is the woman's responsibility to teach the children the gospel, and it is the man's responsibility to teach the woman, that all things be in order.
14 If the wives accept not the teachings and continually resist the truth they will not raise up unto Me this choice generation, for the children they bear will continue on in the ways of the world.
15 Ye shall cast them off, for they are good for nothing.
16 If ye cast them not off they will bind thee with great fetters because of the law which protects the acts of the wicked and maketh the desires of the righteous come to naught.
17 The women who make not a diligent effort to learn the laws and teach them to their children, their children shall be taken from them and given to another.
18 For the failure of both men and women to heed My will in this respect hath resulted in My whole footstool to be polluted.
19 For they have set up Sunday schools to take the place of this, taking the responsibility from those God hath commissioned.
20 For in this lies their salvation, for if others perform their duties, shall they not also reap the reward?
21 For they pin their salvation on another's sleeve and expect the reward thereof. Such is not the order of heaven.
22 And a sign and a witness shall not be given unto a woman until she repents, and when she repents My Spirit cannot be restrained for it is her right.
23 And if she receives a witness and later turns from it because of sin and the fear of being ridiculed, behold I say unto you, she shall be turned over to the adversary that perhaps she may learn by what she suffers.
Even so, Amen.
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