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2nd Book of Commandments 75

Revelation received January 13, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My son. Before My kingdom shall be found in its fullness upon the earth, the wicked must needs be destroyed, for they prevent it now from being formed.
And until the government of the United States is fallen and desolate, the Kingdom of God cannot be fully established.
Nevertheless, ye are required to organize those things necessary for the gathering of those who desire to be gathered at this time.
And this ye shall do without noise that thy enemies not come upon you and destroy you.
And all those who gather not out shall be destroyed, for all the coasts of this nation shall be laid waste, and all the great cities thereof shall be utterly destroyed even from one coast unto another; and few there be that will live and survive the calamities of that day.
And ye shall set up the School of the Prophets first, for from it cometh all truth and authority upon the face of the earth, and from it shall go forth the power to set all things aright, both temporally and spiritually.
And I appoint My son Robert to be the head of the School of the Prophets.
And he may choose counselors as needs be until there are six, and they must be proven men and true.
And if they will have it at this time ye shall call as counselors: William, Lee, Eugene, Heber, Robert2 and Kenneth if he will have it and if he repents of his unbelief.
10 And unto Robert2, I say unto him, that he shall preach repentance unto all people in the place where he now lives that will come together and prepare themselves to move to Cardston.
11 And they shall not come in haste, but yet the time is short, and they shall sell their properties and goods in that place and obtain the best possible advantage.
12 And they shall unite their goods under the United Order and locate themselves in this area, and they shall come as a company that their burden be light.
13 And they shall organize according to the existing laws.
14 Yet they shall be the beginning of My kingdom and Zion in that place if they will have it and come under the covenants that have been revealed unto My servant, setting up the School of the Prophets and organizing the United Order with a financial institution according to My laws.
15 And they shall teach their families, and all others that shall come to them, all the truths that they have learned.
16 They shall teach all men also that they may become a light that shineth in darkness.
17 And I say unto My servant Kenneth, that he shall teach his family the truths which he hath learned and if he hath doubt concerning any doctrine he shall come before Me and I will confirm by My Spirit these laws I have given through My Servant.
18 And he shall teach his daughters concerning the signs, that they make no covenant with others that is not by a sign, and witnessed by My Holy Spirit.
19 And if they make covenants that are not by Me or by My word, or in other words, by revelation, they shall not have the promises as mentioned in Section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants.
Even so, Amen.
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