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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 76

Revelation received March 9, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, for ye are My son; yea, I am well pleased that ye have set up My School, for it is now established and no man can take it except ye commit transgression.
Yet even then there were some that feared, and My Spirit fled.
Nevertheless My Spirit bore witness that I was well pleased with thy efforts, for it is in fulfillment of prophecy and in accordance with My laws and statutes.
Ye have thought what is correct, whether ye shall perform all things each time ye meet including the washing of feet, and I say unto you, it is correct that this should be done each time.
For did not I command Mine apostles of olden time that they should wash each others feet? and this ye shall do also, a different one taking the lead each time.
Ye shall say as ye perform this ordinance, calling the person by name,

"I wash thy feet as a token that I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and by this authority pronounce ye clean from the blood of this generation."

All in agreement shall raise up their voice and say, "Amen".

As ye learn the doctrines of the Kingdom in this School, ye shall teach your family and all others who come to thee for instruction in these doctrines, that ye be as a leaven in the loaf, not fearing men, but having authority from Me.
For ye have been called by the Spirit of revelation and set aside by Mine holy priesthood and then therefore what more authority need ye have?
10 Ye shall teach in this School the wise use of thy possessions, yea even the properties and monies that come into thy hands.
11 For as in all things the wise use of properties and monies hath become corrupted.
12 For instead of My people becoming self-sufficient and capable of looking after their families in both times of plenty and in times of poverty, nigh unto all would be destitute and would suffer much if the calamities came upon them.
13 For they have false faith, thinking that perhaps manna shall be sent from heaven to feed them.
14 Behold I say unto you, they are fools, the blind being led by the blind, and they shall die for their inability to see and do what I have these so many times commanded them, to gather together to the places of refuge that they be not destroyed with the wicked.
15 But ye have placed your faith in the false prophets who guide ye not aright, and ye place yourselves as targets of the wicked, and ye shall be the first to reap the wrath of Mine indignation and the whirlwind when the calamities come upon you.
16 And few there be that will escape Babylon, and your little ones shall be run through and your mighty ones be smitten and your women ravished.
17 Then ye will know, in that day that ye have been deceived, and ye shall cry out and there will be none there to hear thy supplication and to put forth their hand to help thee.
18 For ye have set aside the counsel of the righteous, and have disregarded the words of My servants whom I have sent, and ye have reaped your reward.
Even so, Amen.
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