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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 77

Revelation received March 20, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, be not discouraged, for all these experiences ye pass through are for your own good and instruction that ye may learn wisdom.
Ye have been troubled concerning My servant and maidservant William and Opal I say unto you, be not troubled, for they are faithful to Me in spite of their errors.
And ye are somewhat to blame in this matter, for ye sent not the revelations to them and thus ye have been disobedient in this matter and have incurred some of My wrath in that ye felt not the Spirit in abundance as before. And ye have feared they would be angry at thee.
Yet what matter if they be angry? It is not thy word but Mine, and will not their anger then be directed at My word, howbeit it came through thee?
Why then do ye fear, for I will bear thee up that ye will be able to withstand the anger of all men if ye abide by My word.
Yet what I have said, I have said, and all who disregard My word through My Servant will lose the guidance of My Spirit and be turned over to the buffetings of the adversary until he repents.
Therefore, send the before mentioned revelations to them along with this revelation.
For I give unto no man the blessings of the Kingdom unless he makes an effort to obtain them.
For a man must desire the Kingdom at all costs, otherwise he shall fail.
10 For a slothful servant shall not reap the same reward as one who sacrifices all for My name's sake.
11 Behold My son, I am not a God of concession nor a God of compromise.
12 I reward a man only when he has sacrificed all for My name's sake, how else then can he overcome all things?
13 If he is taken in a snare over a small matter, how then can he survive the more severe testing, even of a broken heart and a contrite spirit?
14 Thus I strip a man of all that he has, that perhaps he will repent.
15 Yet will he learn by it? I say unto you, he will not humble himself because his pride be in his way.
16 What more then can I do, for a man must seek after righteousness with all his heart to obtain it, for it can be obtained in no other way.
17 Some say they love Me with all their heart, yet make Me their enemy by blocking out the Spirit of Truth, for they really love darkness rather than the truth and light of the gospel.
18 And ye have asked Me concerning the book ye have read (The Richest Man in Babylon). I say unto you, it containeth true principles, which if practiced in righteousness and within the framework of the United Order and My kingdom, bringeth forth temporal salvation, but if practiced in unrighteousness they are of no worth.
19 Nevertheless it has many errors in doctrine, for it says that ye can make gain by charging interest on thy money.
20 Behold I say unto you, this is not a correct principle, yet many other principles are surely true and applicable.
21 And I say unto you that it is good that ye study this book and other works concerning the proper use of properties, goods and monies, and teach it as a course in the School of the Prophets that My servants be not ignorant in these matters.
22 For because of ignorance in the use of these things much contention arose in the early Church, causing many to fall.
23 And ye know it has caused the fall of many in this day, and many in My church are encumbered in debt which is like a millstone about their neck.
24 And for this reason ye shall set up the United Order, that this burden be lifted from the necks of those who are willing to keep My laws.
Even so, Amen
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