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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 78

Revelation received April, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Behold I am Alpha and Omega, who was and is and will continue worlds without end, who doth speak to men by the still small voice, and doth speak and say unto all men who will listen and hear and do that which I commandeth.
And if he doth seek with all his heart, for in no other way shall he find it, unless it be by a contrite spirit and a heart that is broken, for in no wise can these truths be written on the heart of man in any other way.
And this I say unto you concerning the seed of Abel who was a man of righteousness, that it was promised unto him that his posterity should not come forth until Zion again be established.
For in this way, and in this way only, will a people be prepared to bring forth these choice spirits.
Behold I say unto you, My maidservants Barbara and Opal deceive themselves in thinking that their children are of this choice lineage.
For it is not so, for it will not come about until I have a people willing to keep all of My commandments.
Yet if they teach them aright and repent fully and follow My servants, they may yet, through their children, begin to bring forth this generation.
And it is My will that all heed these words, yet few do, and even yet these stumble because of their weaknesses.
For these choice spirits I cannot release because of the promises.
10 For if ye take a clean vessel and place it among filth, ere long will it not also become contaminated with this filth, becoming also good for nothing?
11 For this reason must I bring forth and establish My Zion, that a place be prepared for these choice spirits that they be not corrupted by the filth of Babylon.
12 Then when a woman opens up her heart and gives it completely to a man of God, that woman opens up the sealed portion of heaven where the more righteous spirits dwell which will become the children of righteous Abel.
13 The spirits will then be released unto that family, and that family protected and hedged up unto Me, and they shall be adopted by proxy unto the family of Abel so that his posterity finally come forth.
14 Yet the seed of Cain desires this not to happen, for he doth know that it hath been decreed that they shall be servants and serve the seed of Abel forever.
15 And will not that then be just? For I am a just God and reward every man according to his works.
16 And this I say unto all men that they repent and prepare themselves in humility, preparing their minds and bodies as chosen vessels of God.

17 And ye have set up My School, for which I am well pleased.
18 And now that ye are organized ye shall set up Schools wherever ye are, and invite those who seek the truth to attend that the fulfillment of prophecy be accomplished.
19 Fear not for I am with thee.
20 And ye shall continue to make an effort to organize the United Order, and after ye have organized this ye shall receive My word as pertaining to the Kingdom of God.
21 And this ye shall establish also after it has been revealed to you how it should be accomplished.
22 And when ye have done this, the time will shortly come when My church will be prepared and cleansed and My House set in order.
Even so, Amen.
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