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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 79

Revelation received July, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye have asked Me concerning prayer and behold I shall answer thee concerning this matter.
For it must needs be that continual prayer to your Father in Heaven be the practice of all those who desire to enter into My kingdom.
For without this ye shall fall into temptation and be lost.
And those who say they need not pray deceive themselves and shall be overcome and shall lose the Spirit.
And when ye pray ye shall not multiply words as the hypocrites and those who pray to be heard by men, but ye shall pray with a sincere heart, praying only for those things that edify and benefit the righteous.
And ye shall not pray for the wicked except that they repent, for their reward is with them if they repent not.
And ye shall pray both in public and in private when ye are prompted by My Spirit, and ye shall pray for the forgiveness of your sins, even for your rebelliousness, and for the blindness of your eyes and for your ignorance, for these all prevent thee from receiving the fullness of My Spirit.
And ye shall pray without guile or deceit and think not of reward but only to help your fellow men.
And when ye have perfected prayer, My Spirit will attend thee and guide thee in what to ask and what to refrain from asking and then shall your prayers begin to be answered, for they shall be with faith without wavering.
10 Your prayers have not always been in this manner.
11 And when two or more of you are gathered together in My name, ye shall pray according to My Spirit and I shall hear thy petition, for where two or more are gathered thus, there shall I be also.
12 And I have heard thy righteous prayers against the wicked who have placed themselves at the head, and woe unto them if they repent not, for My vengeance is about to be poured out upon their heads without measure.
13 The foolish cry, "All is well", but I say unto you there is nothing that is well in Zion, for all have sinned a great sin, for they have all been led astray by false prophets who say, "We hear" but hear not and say, "We see" but see not.
14 They have been led by the lying spirit which says scatter and sit still, that they be destroyed with the wicked, but the righteous Spirit saith, gather together to those places appointed.
15 Behold I say unto you, gather together the revelations ye have received and prepare them that they be published so that others may understand My will concerning them, and realize that a great work is about to be performed-- to gather My people to the places appointed.
16 And begin to send out My revelations to other lands and places beginning with those in charge, even the stake presidents and their counselors, the bishops and their counselors and those who have authority given them that they all be warned of the calamities to come.
Even so Amen.
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