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2nd Book of Commandments 8

Revelation received January 24, 1962
At Creston, British Columbia, Canada

The question you asked was this: "What is meant by the scripture, even Chapter six of Moroni and Verse one?"
When I showed Myself at that time to the Nephites after My resurrection, there was no true organization existing on this the American continent resembling My church.
For there was such great wickedness upon the face of the earth before My coming that the church set up by My servant Alma was taken from among men.
However, there were many of those not destroyed at that time who still held their Priesthood and had not sinned sufficiently to have their Priesthood taken from them.
For this reason, they were not destroyed and survived the great desolation, which destruction came at the time of My death at Jerusalem.
These men therefore, to enter into My kingdom, which is the Church of Jesus Christ, had to be baptized, and had to show forth fruit meet for repentance in that they had repented of their unbelief.
And when they had done this, they were baptized and received the Holy Ghost. However, they did not again have to be ordained to the Priesthood, for they had already been given this.
Whenever there has been sufficient righteousness upon the earth, I have tried to establish My church among the children of men.
But oft they have not understood, and My church has been taken from among them.
10 But My Priesthood has remained, and My servants whom I have chosen, even the prophets, have exhorted the people to repentance.
11 And when the people have rejected their prophesying, the Priesthood has been taken from among men.
12 And then falleth destruction, yea, even the total destruction which fell upon the Nephites, for they willingly rebelled against Me, and were conscious of the evil they were committing, even unto their condemnation.
13 For My Spirit will not always strive with the children of men, for My Spirit can act only when men are willing.
14 Nevertheless, I chastise those whom I love that they may be brought down into the depths of humility, whereby they may come before Me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and know the true love of God.
15 But when men's hearts become so hard that they reject My word, even when they are chastised, they are beyond feeling, and My Spirit can no longer strive with them, and then they are nigh ripe for destruction.
16 Repent therefore, all ye ends of the earth, that ye may be spared at the last day, for that day speedily cometh, and the signs and wonders which I have promised have already begun to come to pass.
17 And the third of the host of heaven, yea, even those who were cast out, even the adversary and his angels, and those who choose compulsion, are raging in the hearts of men, yea, even taking possession of their bodies, causing them to commit all types of heinous crimes and sins.
18 For they know that their time is short, and that they have but little time left.
19 For they shall be cast into outer darkness that they may no longer be able to tempt men, yea, even for a thousand years.
20 Then they shall be let loose for a short season to gather their armies, and then shall the end come.
21 Show these things not unto the wicked, for they are like swine and will trample these pearls under their feet and turn and rend thee.
22 Nevertheless, send the things that thou hast chosen to the person called Hope, for in the past she has done much good, but now has become surrounded in sin, and has accepted as truth that which is evil, and has not asked Me if these things be true.
23 For she hath been led astray by that evil one who seeks to destroy all My works and bring confusion and strife among My people.
24 For he seeks to destroy the things of God, yea, he lays in wait and catches the unwary and those who are weak in the church.
25 For he delighteth in sin and his joy is in confusion.
26 Nevertheless, thou hast grieved the Spirit in this thing, for ye seek to become great in the eyes of men.
27 Repent of this wickedness lest thou be destroyed.
28 Humble yourself before Me that I may reveal many great and marvelous things that have beforehand not come unto the children of men because of their wickedness.
29 And their wickedness is that of unbelief, and they live not the commandments that I place before them, and do trample them under their feet and esteem them not.
30 Oh how oft I would have gathered ye as a hen gathereth her chicks under her wing, but ye would not!
31 Ye are a stiffnecked people and have been from the beginning and have not diligently sought Me in all matters, but have gone on in your own wisdom, ignoring the instructions that have been given thee to your own condemnation.
32 For have I not instructed thee to ask and it shall be opened unto thee, seek and ye shall find?
33 Seek after wisdom and knowledge, for they are most precious gifts.
34 Seek not for that which doth cancer the soul, for it rendeth and breaketh into pieces and hence it is good for nothing, and must be cast aside and be as dung.
35 Hearken, O ye servants of the LORD, even the Presidency of My church, for ye have a responsibility laid upon you to all of the saints who have accepted My gospel and do diligently seek to keep My commandments.
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