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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 80

Revelation received July or August 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye have inquired of Me concerning places of refuge.
Behold I your LORD say unto you that if a man build a place of refuge and it be not unto Me and by My word and according to the pattern designated by Me, that man buildeth in vain, for it shall be destroyed along with the wicked.
For if a man build a house and giveth the plan to the builder, and the builder buildeth not according to the plan and maketh it entirely different than what the man desired, will not the man be angry with the builder, and take him to court and recover the cost of the house?
For some will say, "We will build a place of refuge, and it will be thus and thus, and we will fulfill what God has commanded."
Behold I say unto you, I shall have no part of them, for they build according to the dictates of their own imagination.
And when the time comes, their works shall show their foolishness before man, and they shall be ashamed, being exposed.

And behold I say unto you, some regard not sacred things, and when something is dedicated unto Me, pollute it.
Behold such places must be cleansed and rededicated before My Spirit will again attend.
And some invite the wicked into sacred places, making fellowship with mockers who have disregarded that which I have commanded.
10 Ye shall not strike hands with those who mock My word, neither shall ye invite them into these places dedicated to My name.
11 Neither shall ye pollute My house by bringing into it animals, for barns and kennels can be dedicated for the habitation of these creatures, but they are not to be brought into My habitation saith the LORD.
12 For I shall have a holy and clean people, otherwise they shall be cast off, and Mine anger will be kindled against them-- and they shall know it.
Even so, Amen.
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