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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 83

Revelation received September 15, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Behold the leaders of My church have lost My holy priesthood in that they can no longer function in it.
Yet they still retain it to pass unto someone worthy, but this they will not do, for they believe they still retain it even as Ham would claim it from Noah, yet he lost it because of transgression.
They likewise have lost it because they heeded not My commandment to reinstate the marriage laws, that the brother would take his fallen brother's wife and raise up a posterity unto him.
This they did not and mocked My word through thee.
Thus they lost My Spirit and the spirit of the adversary did guide them into forbidden paths, even that they were made partakers in the perpetuation of murder.
Yea even did they pressure the law authorities to deal with My servant John Singer, and they did lift up their hand and slew him, and his blood crieth unto Me from the ground from where he was slain.
Thus they have followed in the footsteps of Cain and have taken up the covenant Cain made with the black race.
For he promised them the Priesthood through him that he would get their favor.
And he married and he took unto himself one of the daughters of the Serpent, who tempted Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, to seal this covenant and thus he lost his Priesthood.
10 For the leaders of the Church have followed the path of Cain, and thus the prophecy that ye made in the "Parable of the Pear Tree" which saith, "They shall receive the same cursing as Cain", has come to pass.
11 Are ye then not My prophet, saith the LORD?
12 Behold, there are three spirits among others that prompt men.
13 One is the spirit of lust, wherein men are drawn to women that belong not to them because of their beauty and desirability.
14 The second is the spirit which crieth peace when there is no peace, which lulleth men into believing, "All is well, yea all is well in Zion; yea! fear not, for the LORD is with us."
15 This spirit doth fill the chapels of the wicked, which gives them peace of mind, and deceives them into thinking that they are in tune with their God, that they prepare not for the day of calamity.
16 But I say unto you, that it is not the Spirit of Peace which passeth all understanding, but is a spirit that lulleth them quietly down to hell.
17 The third spirit is My Spirit, which lifteth up the soul and giveth it strength and confidence that it stand against the adversary.
18 It is the Spirit of Truth that bringeth to light truth and exposeth evil.
19 Behold it is despised by those who are led by false spirits, for it taketh away their peace, and bringeth to light the reality of their own wickedness and this they cannot bear.
20 But they soon shall be visited with the whirlwind and their false peace shall be destroyed, leaving them naked.
21 Shall there not then be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth?
22 These three spirits have assailed thee this day, that ye may learn the difference between that which is of Me and that which is of the adversary.
23 My servant, after he has prepared the farm, he shall place it up for sale, and if it be so that My servant Robert2 purchase it, it shall be well with him.
24 And if he is prevented from selling his farm at the moment, then I will prepare other property that he may purchase in Cardston that he may set up the United Order when he is able.
25 Nevertheless, he shall make haste for the time is short.
Even so, Amen.
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