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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 86

Revelation received November 28, 1982
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, I am who I am, even the beginning and the last, even Jehovah, and I do speak unto you by the still small voice, and I say unto you that what ye have founded, even the School of the Prophets, is the foundation of all truth; and it is the stone that was hewn out of the mountain without hands.
For it is the only organization on the earth today which has not been corrupted by the hands of men, and as long as it is guided by My Spirit, it shall not fail.
And I have placed at the head My servant, who has been faithful over a few things, and if he faltereth not he shall be made responsible for many things.
For there are many things I have yet to say unto this people.
And when he hath finished sending out the pamphlets to western Canada, behold he hath warned what people he can, and they are left without excuse in the day of their calamity.

And My servant William shall continue sending out the pamphlets to the Church leaders in all parts of the world, yea even the stake presidents and bishops.
And if they heed not My words, and feed not My words to the people, they shall be accountable before Me at the last day, and they shall not be guiltless.
And if ye do this, your garments shall be free from the blood of this generation.
Nevertheless, ye have not been diligent in building up the printing business, which was given to you as a stewardship, for if you had pursued this with diligence ye would have realized much profit from this enterprise, and would now have been free of debt with a surplus in the common fund.

10 Yea, ye are all under condemnation for not advertising the lessons to be given in the School, and especially My Servant who has procrastinated his time and not prepared the lessons as I have commanded him.
11 For I would have given him strength to accomplish this if he would have but made the effort.
12 Therefore, he must commence immediately and I will help him in this matter, and he must not heed the admonitions of those who would hinder him.
13 And I say unto My children, beware of pride, for it robbeth a man of sound judgment.
14 Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who would divert thy path.
15 Beware of women who seek their own and burden thee with great fetters-- for I forbid any that call themselves after My name to partake of the present marriage system of Babylon, for it is wholly abominable and taketh the dignity from Mine holy Priesthood and binds with fetters hard to be broken.
16 For ye shall make covenants by My laws as contained in the scriptures ye have received.
17 And ye shall record these covenants in your own records, and these covenants shall be binding, even that those breaking them shall be before the judgment.
18 And I make an end of speaking at this time, yet shall return and make My will known again shortly.
Even so, Amen.
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