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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 9

Revelation received March 7 and 11, 1962
At Creston, British Columbia, Canada

Hearken O ye elders of My church and listen to Him who is above you all, and knoweth all your desires and intents, for they are all laid before Me by the power of My Spirit.
Yea, even hearken unto the voice of your Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ. For all the things that I have decreed will be made manifest and shall surely come to pass.
For My word is as a refiner's fire, separating the good from the evil, and sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing asunder both bone and marrow.
Repent, I say unto you repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh at hand, yea, even at the doors.
Take therefore My laws for your protection, for houses of stone, nor armor, nor towers, nor pits will protect the wicked from My judgment.
For neighbor shall take up sword against neighbor, and they shall fall upon each other in anger, and town shall be against town, and city against city, and state against state, and country against country, and the righteous must needs flee to Zion and to those places appointed.
Hearken O ye elders of My church, yea, even the presiding High Council of My church, yea, and even they who call themselves the First Presidency. Gird up your loins round about yourselves and seek counsel from Me.
Beware lest ye stumble and fall and others take your place, for ye are nigh ready for destruction, for ye seek My voice in the high places and thy words come back to thee as brass.
Beware even the President of My church, even David O. McKay, for he pretendeth revelation, but he doth know and I your Savior know he receiveth no revelation.
10 He receiveth inspiration to guide My church, and this for the sake of the righteous, for My house will not be left desolate.
11 For I will raise up one mighty and strong among you, having the scepter of justice in his hand, who shall grind in pieces all those who would oppose My work, for the prayer of the righteous shall not go unheeded.

12 Yea, I have commanded and My commandments have gone unheeded, and the pattern is being followed as of those in olden times who heeded not the prophet's warning and were destroyed, for great wickedness reigneth in the city that is called Salt Lake and all the cities and communities round about.
13 Nevertheless, there are many who are pure in heart among them, and many do please Me greatly for their righteous acts and thoughts.
14 They do send up a sweet savor to the Lord of Sabaoth, which interpreted means Creator of the First Day.
15 And thus I command My servants, the Presidency of My church, that they repent of their unbelief and humble themselves before Me and keep My commandments.
16 For I command them that they shall appoint a committee, yea, even as seemeth them good, wise men and just, and seek redress through the laws of this country to reclaim the lands of Zion from the wicked.
17 For much of this land was purchased by the saints at the time of My servant, even Joseph Smith, and they were driven contrary to the laws of the land, even from their inheritance.
18 Yea, even search all the old records and deeds, and place them before the courts of this country, and My Spirit will be with them, that they may lay bare the wrongs done to My servants that all may see.
19 Then if the judges and those that are placed in authority, even your rulers, do not admit these wrongs and restore the lands and properties that rightfully belong to My saints, then I will utterly destroy them from off the face of the earth that they no longer stand in the path of righteousness.
20 I command also that another committee be set up of wise and just men, even as seemeth ye good, to search out again the records, notes, and proceedings against the church concerning the Temple Lot suit, in which the property dedicated by My servants, even at the time of the Prophet Joseph Smith, was given into the hands of an apostate group, even the ground of the temple which shall be established in this generation if ye shall keep My commandments.
21 And ye shall not fear men and what they can do, but ye shall fear God, for the sons of men put heavy burdens upon your shoulders, grievous to be borne, but My yoke is easy and leadeth to peaceful pastures, yea, even Eternal Lives.
22 And ye shall lay bare before the leaders of this country the wrongs done in this matter, and if they admit not these wrongs, and restore not unto My saints their rightful inheritance, I shall destroy them from off the face of the earth.
23 And this I lay as a commandment that ye do these things, and seek no more the glory of the world, but My glory.
24 Otherwise, ye have no promise and your inheritance shall be given unto others, for My word shall not be mocked.
25 And if the leaders of this nation restore not unto you these properties, and ye do all in your power, laying the facts before the courts of this land, then I shall utterly destroy this nation, for it puffeth itself up in the eyes of all the world, saying, "Who is like unto the United States? Behold, her mighty munitions, behold her chariots and towers and many great and spacious buildings."
26 Behold I say unto you, unless she repenteth of her wickedness she shall be destroyed, and her great cities wherewith she boasteth of shall become heaps and none shall be able to dwell therein.
27 And I shall send famine and pestilence among her like as she has never heard, and then shall they know that I am the LORD, and reward every man according as his works shall be.
Even so, Amen.
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