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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 90

Revelation received February 5, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, I your Savior do give unto you a revelation that ye will heed in all haste, for what ye have read tonight by the hand of My servant Frank is of Me, and the commandments contained therein are valid.
Ye shall point out to My servant that I have already given him a commandment and a charge that he need not hesitate longer; for I have supplied the means for the fulfilling of the commandments I have given him.
For the Priesthood organization I referred to is the School of the Prophets, and he now has the men, howbeit they are few, to accomplish the work I have commanded him which he knoweth about.
And unto My servant, unto whom I am speaking, as soon as he has sold his farm he shall pay off his debts and he shall first move to Boise as I have commanded previously.
Thus ye understood not why I commanded thee to first move to Boise, for ye knew not about the mine, therefore I could not tell you to first move there and help establish the mine at Yost, for ye knew not about it, but I your Savior knew.
And ye shall establish My Order among you, those who have been cast out and be an example to the world as I have indicated to My servant Frank in the communication I did give to him.
And if ye desire to meet at his place for the next meeting of the School, ye shall do so, but wherever My School shall meet, it must needs be that ye first dedicate the edifice wherein ye meet, otherwise your offerings unto Me are not acceptable.
And before ye have another meeting at the trailer in Boise, ye shall rededicate it saith the LORD, for it has been defiled by what I have indicated in a previous revelation concerning the matter.
For My Spirit was not in abundance at the last meeting, for ye neglected to rededicate it prior to your meeting, which ye should have done.
10 Behold, should you be commanded in all things?-- for such are slothful servants.
11 And again unto My servant, when the time comes that I will instruct you, ye shall move the School to Yost.
12 Nevertheless, ye shall purchase land if ye are able in Salem, and do so as I have commanded in Section 111 of the Doctrine and Covenants.
Even so, Amen.
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