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2nd Book of Commandments 91

Revelation received March 13, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Some say that it is not correct for one man to receive a revelation from Me on behalf of another, and in this they do err, for this I do that man may be humbled.
For I did give unto My former prophets revelations for others that they may be edified thereby.
For many men are not prepared to receive My revelations directly, for it would destroy them, yet they are entitled to receive these instructions through those whom I have chosen to speak to the people.
For those who say, "I will not receive the word of the LORD through another" are puffed up in the pride of their hearts, and have cut themselves off from My presence.
For I will neither speak to them direct, nor speak to them through another, for they themselves have closed the door.
And thus they will be turned over to the buffetings of the adversary, and if they repent not will be lost at the last day.
For did I not speak unto My servant Balaam through an ass, and did I not speak unto My prophet Paul through Agabus that he be warned of an impending danger?
And did I not speak through My servant Joseph Smith on the behalf of many, that they be edified and instructed in the paths of righteousness?
And all who rejected My word through the prophets rejected Me, saith the LORD.
10 And did not I instruct My servant Moses through My servant Jethro?
11 For did not Moses become lifted up in the pride of his heart, saying unto himself, "Behold, there is none like unto Moses, for did not God speak unto Me face to face? And did I not by the raising up of My right arm waste the Egyptians? And did I not take up My rod and with it divide the waters of the Red Sea, and cause all the children of Israel to pass through unharmed, and after all had passed through in safety, the waters did return and destroyed the Egyptian army? And after they were entered into the wilderness and thirsted, did not I smite the rock with My rod and did not the waters of the deep gush forth?"
12 And because he boasted in his own strength, did not I withdraw My Spirit from him until he repented and gave the glory unto whose glory it belongeth?
13 For he did none of these things of his own self, but received the power to do these things by the power of My word.
14 And when a man boasteth in his own strength, behold I say unto you, My Spirit withdraws, and that man is left unto his own, to kick against the pricks.
15 And if I give a man a calling, and that man is lifted up in the pride of his heart because of his calling, behold the Spirit is withdrawn, and if he repents not he shall lose that calling, and it shall be given unto another.
16 Behold, did not I give unto My servant John a calling, and did not he rebel against My servant, and was he not left unto his own?
17 Did not I give unto My servant Joseph a calling, and because of pride did he not fall?
18 I the LORD am no respecter of persons, for when men open their hearts to receive My word, behold I pour out My blessings upon them.
19 And if a man hardens his heart against Me or My servants, it is the same, behold I withdraw My Spirit, until that man repents.
20 For when a man boasts in his own strength, and gives not the glory unto whose right it is, behold that man is in danger.
21 It is the nature of man, as soon as he is given a little authority, his desire is to dominate his fellow men.
22 This is not My way nor can be, but it is the way of the adversary, and unless these men repent, they shall be cast off no matter what their calling, for none such shall enter My kingdom.

23 And again ye have asked concerning the man "like unto Moses" and how he shall be known.
24 Behold I say unto you, although the man Moses was called by My voice, and I did speak unto him face to face like one man speaketh to another, yet he did nothing except he did consult with My prophet Jethro.
25 For he was a High Priest after the most holy order, and did he not direct all things that Moses did?
26 For was he not the head of My School, even the School of the Prophets?
27 For although My servant Moses had been chosen to set up My Church and Kingdom on the earth, and establish My Order, he was yet subject to the School, for the School has precedence above all other organizations.
28 For it is entrusted with the knowledge of the Kingdom and the establishment of Zion.
29 Because of this My servant Moses received instruction from My servant Jethro in all things pertaining to the establishment of the Kingdom.
30 For Moses was called to re-establish My Kingdom, even the political arm of Zion; and My Order, even the economic arm of Zion; and My Church, which he did, so that those who repented could be baptized for the remission of sins.
31 And many were thus baptized in the waters of the Red Sea when they saw the miracles the LORD wrought in their deliverance from Egyptian bondage, and they did humble themselves and did repent and were baptized for the remission of their sins.
32 And in his day he was called and he did perform his work with a mighty hand in establishing these three squares of Zion.
33 Yet he held not the authority or keys of the School which were held by My servant Jethro.
34 For this School was not in bondage to the Egyptians, and they had separated themselves, and had hidden themselves, and had remained pure in doctrine and in the understanding of God.
35 Thus they had not become polluted by the traditions and false teachings of the Egyptian priests as had the children of Israel.
36 And thus I brought the children of Israel out from their oppressors with a mighty hand, that all the earth knew and heard and trembled at the wasting of the Egyptians.
37 And I purged them and purified them before My face.
38 And it was not until this generation had gone to their rest, suffering much affliction, that I did allow them to enter into the land of promise, for they would have immediately polluted it.
39 And all that remained of that generation were Joshua and Caleb, and even My servant Moses I forbade to enter, for he did rebel and complain against Me in the wilderness.

40 And I shall answer thy question concerning who was the "One like unto Moses" in this generation.
41 For behold I say unto you, was it not My servant Joseph Smith?
42 For did he not restore and establish the Church, even My missionary arm; and the Kingdom, My political arm; and My Order, even My economic arm, like unto My servant Moses?
43 Yet he was greater than Moses, for at Moses' time the School of the Prophets was already established, but at this time it was not, for My Priesthood and authority had been taken from the earth and from among the children of men.
44 My servants John the Baptist, John the Revelator, and even My servant Moses, who had the keys of the gathering, had to come and place their keys and authority upon the head of My servant Joseph to restore them again to the earth.
45 For I placed not only the keys of the Kingdom upon his head but the keys of the School and Priesthood; therefore, he had all the keys that Moses held and also the keys of the School which Jethro held.
46 Thus the saying goes that he was the greatest prophet; therefore, there was not a greater prophet than My servant Joseph Smith-- except only My Son who was the Redeemer of the world-- for through him all things were restored, and he did establish Zion, and for this reason was his life taken.
47 For this was the plan of the adversary, that if his life was taken, the truth of the gospel would be destroyed from the earth, and he would rule the world again without opposition.
48 And he caused the hearts of men to rage within them, as like unto the time of My Son, even the Savior of the world.
49 And as they crucified My Son upon the cross, so also did the same spirit come upon these men, and they did slay My servant Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum, thinking that by destroying these men they would destroy My authority from the face of the earth.
50 But this I allowed, for how then would Mine elect be identified and how would they then be tried?
51 Had I allowed the people to return to Independence, Missouri they would have immediately polluted it, just as the children of Israel would have polluted their inheritance had I allowed that generation to enter the promised land.
52 For it was My will that a great sifting occur as prophesied by My servant John Taylor, for without this sifting Mine elect could not be found out nor purified and refined and be humbled sufficiently in preparation for the setting up of Zion.
53 For although My servant Joseph Smith did restore Zion, that generation rejected it just as they rejected the higher Law in Moses' time.
54 And thus I hid them up and brought them through the wilderness of sin to purify and refine Mine elect.
55 And as I knew that this would happen, have I not promised one mighty and strong, having the scepter of power in his hand to cleanse that which has been polluted and restore that which has been destroyed?
56 Howbeit the priesthood restored by My servant Joseph Smith remained, and to those who have not polluted themselves and have truly repented of their sins, and on whom the Priesthood has been properly conferred, and who have honored My Priesthood by living My laws and keeping all of My commandments, I have given unto them My word through the prophet I have chosen.
57 And I will give unto this man the same power that I gave unto My servant Moses.
58 For will he not be "like unto Moses", for through the power that I give unto him he shall cleanse the Church, and with a mighty hand restore the Kingdom and the Order and none shall stay his hand.
59 And I shall speak to him face to face as I did to My servant Moses, and I shall give unto him power to do these things.
60 Yet he, like unto Moses, hath not the keys or authority over the School of the Prophets.
61 For I have appointed another like unto My prophet Jethro, full of My Spirit, to hold these keys.
62 Yet My servant "like unto Moses" shall not boast in this power as Moses did, for he doeth nothing of himself.
63 And he shall give glory unto his God, otherwise he shall be left unto himself.
64 And he shall consult with the School of the Prophets in all matters pertaining to the building of My Kingdom.
65 For was he not brought up like unto My servant Moses, among the Gentiles, yet because of his true lineage he has been chosen.
66 Nevertheless, he is ignorant of much of My law and must need go to the School which is the receptacle and source of all truth, that he may establish My Kingdom and Order on a firm foundation.
67 The Church also he must cleanse. As a man cleaneth a filthy platter, he shall cleanse it with one sweep, and the wicked shall not stand but all shall be removed, for there shall be no residue of filth left to pollute again My church.
68 Oh, let the wise hear the words of My voice, even the voice of Jehovah, and heed and prepare themselves that they be not wanting on that day.
69 Oh the daughters of Zion who have polluted their inheritance, who have bowed down to Baal and worshipped the beast and mammon, who have sold themselves for naught, their reward shall be the whirlwind, and their cup the cup of bitterness.
70 Yea, and I call on all men to repent, yea even those who have fallen, even My servant John and My servant Joseph, for I will forgive them if they repent in sackcloth and ashes.
71 For I am merciful unto all who repent and receive them unto Myself with an outstretched hand, yea and even the heads of My church.
72 Yet they must come in again by the door, for they cannot attain to their former calling, for have I not given these callings unto others?
73 And ye shall call Richard to the School of the Prophets.
74 And ye shall release from the School My servant Eugene, for he desireth no longer to be associated with the School, yet if he so desire he shall carry on the work of sending forth the proclamation to the members of My Church.
75 And none others are called to be members of My School at the present.
76 For I will have none but are true followers of Christ and who have prepared themselves, and who are willing to keep all My laws.
Even so, Amen.
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