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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 94

Revelation received May 26, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, ye shall write what I command you at this time, for I have somewhat to say unto those who have taken upon them My name and desire to establish Zion at this time.
Your hearts are now right before Me and I am pleased with your efforts.
Nevertheless, there are some who are rebellious to a degree, and desire to bypass My laws because of their unrighteous desires.

Ye have wondered as to how the United Order will survive the financial collapse that will surely come about.
Behold I say unto you, that when you receive monies from Babylon, ye shall purchase silver and gold with the surplus, and this ye shall do on a consistent basis so that the losses will not be too great when this happens.
And when the economy completely collapses, ye shall be prepared to mint money according to My laws and statutes, that trade may continue among My people.
For if ye do what I command, thy possessions will not flee from thee.
And ye shall gather together that thy number be sufficient to thwart the greedy and evil who try and obtain possessions by craft, theft and deceit, and even by the taking of lives.
For the wicked will rage, and those of My church who heed not My will, will make covenants with the wicked or die.
10 Yet this reprieve will be short, for the wicked will slay the wicked and shall rage against each other until few are left.
11 Lift up thine eyes and behold the salvation of Zion, and set a watchman that ye be not deceived and be taken at a time ye think not.
12 Be as serpents wise but as harmless as doves, and My hand will protect thee and Mine arm shall be as a covering.
13 Boast not, neither seek ye fame nor wives that belong to another, for some do seek these things.
14 Humble yourselves before Me and seek to obtain My Spirit that ye be guided aright.

15 Ye shall make haste to set up the United Order in Cardston following the instructions I have beforehand given unto thee.
16 Ye shall form an organization as My servant Robert2 has indicated, for I have placed this in his heart and he knew it not.
17 And My Servant shall help him in this matter, and all those who have stepped forward shall take the covenants of the Order and be one in Me, seeking only the upbuilding of Zion.
18 Then will I pour out My blessings upon My people and none shall stand against them.
19 And I call My servant Robert2 to be bishop in charge of the United Order in this part of My vineyard.
20 He shall call upon two others to be his counselors to assist him in keeping the records and transactions of the Order.
21 He shall study all that has been revealed pertaining to this office, both in the scriptures and in My book the Doctrine and Covenants, and also what has been revealed to My servant, that he may set up the Order according to My laws and statutes.
22 For the bishop is head of this Order, being the head of the temporal matters of Zion, even as My servant Edward Partridge.
23 And some may wonder at this, yet I have called him and none shall forbid.

24 Unto My servant, ye have wondered these ten years why I have not blessed you in obtaining faithful wives ye have been commanded to take, even though you have made a diligent effort to obtain them.
25 Yet have I not said, if ye keep My commandments ye shall be blessed, and if ye keep not My commandments ye have no promise?
26 And have I not commanded you on several occasions that ye shall go to the United States, and ye have not done so, but have feared men.
27 And when ye took your daughter to St. George, if ye would have been diligent to ask, ye would have received employment, and ye would have been able to obtain employment at that time.
28 And if ye would have stayed there I would have surely blessed you.
29 But you chose to return to Canada, against that which the Spirit whispered, and I stopped you not, for men either obey Me or learn by what they suffer.
30 And ye chose the latter and lost the promises.
31 And so it has been since, and even now ye hesitate to keep this commandment, and ye make plans in your head that ye may return to Canada.
32 Behold I say unto you, ye shall not do so, only to govern things as they shall be set up in Canada, even at Cardston and Creston and to look after your interests in these places.
33 Otherwise ye are to stay in the United States and obtain your citizenship.
34 For your mind was blinded by your unbelief and your fear of men.
35 And now ye understand that all men are subject to the same law no matter what their callings, and that they are blessed only according to their faith.
36 And if ye would have stayed and had faith ye would yet have your daughter with you.
37 Nevertheless, I have borne ye up in spite of thy weaknesses, and promised you that ye would yet obtain your visa in a manner ye thought not of, and have I not kept My promise in this matter?
38 For thy daughter Opal had not stepped forward when I made ye this promise, and ye had not even considered that such could even be possible.
39 Nevertheless, I have brought it about, and she hath been a great blessing unto My work on the earth, and for such she shall not lose her reward.
Even so, Amen.
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