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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 96

Revelation received June 21, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

My son, take the pen that ye have and write that which I will shew unto thee that ye may be enlightened in thy mind and confident in thy actions, for the adversary is raging but has no power to prevent that which will shortly come to pass.
For it was My will that ye purchase the land that prophecy may be fulfilled-- and have I not fulfilled My promise?
Consider My promise to thee concerning the woman who would be brought to thee through no effort of your own, for is not My maidservant that woman?
And all this I have brought about because ye have kept My commandment in obtaining your visa to the United States.
For when ye do what I say ye have My promise, and when ye do not what I say the promise is null and void.

Unto My servant Richard, behold I say unto you, ye shall make a diligent effort to obtain employment in Boise, for ye are needed there to intensify My efforts there, and your spare time shall be spent in helping My servants William and Opal to send out the pamphlets to the Church and the world as far as they have been commanded.
Behold I say unto you, many men heed their employer's and friend's advise with much more willingness than in keeping My commandments, and they make excuses easy that they keep them not.
Such will not receive an eternal salvation, for they stumble at a little thing-- and will they not surely be stacked and burned with fire along with the wicked in that day?

And unto My servant Stephen, be not discouraged for have I not surely watched over thee these many years and prepared thy mind for the truth?
10 Then gird up thy loins and heed the counsel of My servant, and accept that responsibility that will be given thee.
11 For have ye not these many years desired to work for Me and My kingdom's establishment? Now that ye have been given these pearls of great price, why then do ye hesitate longer?
12 And I give unto you again a parable. Behold I say unto you, a farmer purchased a field and he planted it with seed for hay and pasture; and he placed with this seed some wheat that a cover crop be reaped the first season.
13 And the first year he reaped much, being an increase of forty-fold of that which he sowed, and he was much pleased that his harvest was so good.
14 But he knew not that the pasture seed he planted did not germinate and because of this the next year nothing but weeds did appear except for a patch of good grass here and there.
15 And the farmer said to himself, "What shall I do with my field? If I destroy not the weeds they will seed and thoroughly pollute my land, and if I mow it now I will lose the little hay that is good, for I must mow it before the good grass is fully grown because the weeds will seed if I do not."
16 And he mowed the entire field to destroy the weeds.
17 Behold I say unto you, at the time of Joseph Smith I did plant My word among the people and the word took hold and flourished, and behold, many were garnered into My storage.
18 But yet a further generation and behold, My whole statutes have become corrupted and are good for nothing.
19 And because they repent not and gather not to the places appointed they shall be mowed down with the wicked, for I cannot separate the good from the evil except they gather.
20 Behold I say unto you there is no other way.
Even so, Amen.
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