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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 97

Revelations received July 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, ye have come before Me concerning matters concerning the setting up of the United Order, and what should be done concerning the loaning of monies, and behold I say unto you, ye shall not loan monies that ye do not have.
And ye shall keep detailed records of all transactions.
And ye shall take that money ye have received from My servant Stephen and place half of it in the credit union, and ye shall purchase silver with the other half, and from this time forth ye shall place all surplus of your monies in this fund for those who require it for legitimate purposes within the Order.
And with all that ye will not be using in the short run, ye shall purchase gold and silver.
Nevertheless, ye shall make every effort to set up your own building that ye be not subject to Babylon.
And if ye are able to purchase the property adjoining yours, ye shall do so and I shall bless you in this matter, and ye shall make it strong that ye may keep that which is yours safely.
For My hand is in this and ye knew it not.
And ye shall set up the School also at this place that I may have a permanent residence here, for it has been prophesied that such would be the case, for this is a most sacred spot not defiled by man.
And ye shall dedicate it and consecrate it, and set it aside for this purpose.

10 My son, ye shall hold a meeting of the School at Kalispell, and My servant Robert2 shall choose and appoint his counselors in the Bishopric.
11 And if they be present, after he hath been set aside as Bishop, he shall set his counselors aside also.
12 And ye shall perform the marriages that have to be performed at this time and I shall bless you with My Spirit in abundance.
13 And ye shall call upon My servant Robert2 to expound upon the office of the Bishopric, and how it relates to the United Order and other organizations of Zion.
14 And if it be possible ye both shall cross the border to validate the visas at this time; and let My daughter and her children be established across the border, preferably in Boise.
15 And ye shall make haste to complete sending out the pamphlets ye have; and fear not, for there are some who will yet step forward from this place who will receive My Spirit and be a blessing unto thee and Me in establishing My kingdom.
16 And ye shall follow the pattern outlined in Section 111 of the Doctrine and Covenants, that ye be as a leaven that the elect be gathered in.
17 For ye shall survive that day, for ye are the only ones with the more sure word of prophecy.
18 And all others who profess to know Me and know Me not shall lose their testimony, those that repent not, for their testimony is based on the arm of flesh-- which arm shall fail.
Even so, Amen
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