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2nd Book of Commandments 98

Revelation received July 28, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My son. It is imperative that all things be done in order, for if they are not done in such a manner, confusion reigneth and My work be thwarted.
Therefore it is correct that in every case the School be set up first, then a financial institution organized according to My pattern and then the United Order established that the people may unite and be as one.
And concerning the financial institution, ye shall call it by the name of My servant John Koyle, that his name and deeds again be known among the people.
And the financial institution shall not be for the lending of money for the foolish pleasures of the world, nor for the common everyday purchases, but for the purpose of establishing stewardships only.
Neither shall it be used to support vast holdings held by greedy and lustful men, for these institutions help not the purposes of Zion, but provide untold luxury for these evil men.
And all industry shall be established by the selling of shares and by hard work and labor, and the idle shall not be paid nor receive a reward in Zion, but shall be cast out.
Neither shall ye support those who have willfully disregarded My word through thee, for their jealousy of thee desireth thy failure and destruction.

And ye went to the meeting in Kalispell as I commanded, yet ye failed to hold the meeting of the School as I also commanded, for which ye are under condemnation.
For I would have poured out My Spirit in abundance unto you if ye would have complied, and ye would have been strengthened for the difficult times that will soon be upon you.
10 For some become entwined with the cares of this world seeking to please those who seek their destruction.

[July 29, 1983]
11 Therefore if ye are willing, I would that ye hold a meeting of the School within the next three weeks that the business in the former revelation be looked after.
12 And it is My will that My servant Robert2 attend this meeting and that he stop at Cardston and attend to the dedication of the farm and other properties at this time and bring with him Stephen and Robert3 that they be set aside as his counselors in the bishopric if they will have it.
13 For I force no man to do My will, but I call men that they be aware of My will concerning them, promising a confirmation of this calling by the voice of My Spirit if they will humble themselves before Me.
14 For it is My will that My servants Robert2, Robert3, and Stephen make preparations to speedily move to Cardston, that all that has been prophesied concerning the establishment of a foothold of Zion at this place be commenced.
Even so, Amen.
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