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2nd Book of Commandments 99

Revelations received August 8 and 17, 1983
At Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Be not despondent at the happenings of this day, for behold I say unto you, the adversary is raging and desires to thwart all thy actions and discourage thee and those with thee.
But fear not, for I am with thee and will help thee accomplish all things I have commanded.
Remember My servant Nephi, and the faith he had to enable him to accomplish all things that I commanded.
Behold it is important that ye re-dedicate both the farm and the home in town, and also the small house belonging to My servant Scott.
And ye shall also have My servant Scott offer to pay for the probation of the will that the property belong only to him, that the adversary not have a hold.
And ye have asked concerning the ideas of Joel concerning the family organization.
Behold I say unto you, it is not of Me, and it is My will that ye shall not support it in any way, for it shall fail along with all other organizations not built up by Me and by My word, or in other words by revelation from Me.

Behold I say unto you My maidservant, be not discouraged. All things will work for your good, for I know the hearts of all men and few are like unto My servant, and ye shall cling unto him and none else, and be unto him as a choice wife-- searching out food and herbs to heal and strengthen the body.
And ye shall pray often, raising thy voice, calling for the redemption of Zion and for the cleansing of My church.
10 And she shall seek baptism at the hands of My true servants, and receive the blessings of the Priesthood; and prepare herself for My endowments which shall shortly be performed in her behalf.
11 For I command that ye prepare an Endowment House for the endowments of My true servants until My church is cleansed and restored.
12 And ye shall make an effort to purchase the Endowment House that still stands near Nephi, and restore it, that I may again perform My ordinances and covenants according to My will.
13 For that which is now performed in My Temples is not of Me, saith the LORD; for all covenants and ordinances have been changed and corrupted and are no longer valid.
14 And ye shall prepare the building owned by My servant Scott that it be made into an Endowment House for those who will come forward in the country of Canada; that they also may have the blessings of the Priesthood and be endowed to go forth with power to perform My works in these latter days.
15 Yet I will restore My Temple in Cardston to My true followers in Mine own due time.
Even so, Amen.
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