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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments Preface Revelation

Received March 30, 1965
At Wellington, Utah

Behold I say unto you, all ye nations of the earth, yea all who come within the sound of My voice, for I perceive the thoughts and intents of all men, and they are surely known unto Me, for there is no prayer that is not considered, nor is their a curse that is hidden.
To these all, I say unto you repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh at hand. To those who are members of My church, and particularly the leaders of My church, I also say unto you repent, for you now ignore and have ignored My servants whom I have sent.
You ignore the wailings of the widows and orphans who pray continually upon Me for deliverance, and you place upon them burdens that ye yourself would not be willing to bear, and then condemn them for their actions if they do err.
Behold I say unto you, that their sins shall be counted upon your heads, and when ye stand before Me, ye shall have no excuse, for My gospel is plainly written so that even a child can therein understand.
But by some device of mind ye excuse yourselves, saying that such things are done away with.
Behold I say unto you, I detract none of My law, and to those who know and understand and live not, they are under condemnation, and shall be made to answer before My judgment at that day appointed.
Behold, have I not said concerning those whose spouses have committed adultery and who have been true and faithful, that they shall be given to him that hath not committed adultery, but hath been faithful? For thus it is decreed that the faithful be made ruler over many.
Behold I say unto you, do ye do this? I say unto you nay; and many other things ye do not that I have commanded, supposing that they are not now necessary.
But I say unto you, that this is My law so that the innocent may not suffer, for a man by nature will take care of his own, but hesitates to take care of that which to him does not belong.
10 Yea, ye use as your excuse that the law of the land forbids this. Behold, I say unto you, it is not the law that ye fear, but the persecution that follows those that keep all My commandments.
11 Behold My servant Joseph Smith, whom ye do now claim as a prophet, and do honor him in his rightful place, behold I say unto you, that he feared not men and continually petitioned the unrighteous judge to seek justice and redress for the wrongs done to My people and to those he loved.
12 And now I command that ye shall continually seek the rectification of the law of this land to the end that My saints can keep all My commandments according to the law, and if they hear not thy petition and allow them not to keep My commandments-- and ye do all in your power to bring this about-- then I shall fight your battles, and then shall this rebellious nation be destroyed as My will shall decree.
13 But if ye keep not My commandments, and seek not to bring about My will concerning this nation, behold it is because ye fear men, and esteem the world of greater worth than My kingdom, and to be carnally minded is death, for thus it is to be carnally minded.
14 Behold My Servant whom I have sent is but dung, and for this reason ye esteem him not, but for this reason I use those that are weak and not learned in the ways of men, for if a man comes in his wisdom, ye shall say it is of man, for by his wisdom he doth obtain this knowledge; but if I send one who is not learned, behold, ye cannot say by his own wisdom he doeth this thing, then is it not of God?
15 Behold, I do send My servant, and in him I do place My Spirit; and by his weaknesses he is made strong, for without them I cannot convince My people.
16 Where do ye stand then My friends? For ye still remain My friends until ye openly rebel against Me, for now is the time to repent, and thy sins shall be forgiven thee, and by My Spirit shall the truth of these things be made manifest; and by this Spirit, if ye remain faithful, ye shall know the truth of all things.
17 Dwell not upon the things of this earth, but upon heavenly things that thy soul may be lifted up unto the understanding of a higher knowledge.
18 Be not despondent but encouraged! Fight for that which ye know to be right, and be not afraid. Courage, onward to a victory that shall culminate in lives everlasting to your eternal glory for evermore!
19 Let thy minds be pure so that My Spirit may dwell within thee, and let thy hands be clean and free from the shedding of innocent blood, for this is an unpardonable sin which resulted in My servant David in losing his portion of My kingdom.
20 Be as serpents wise, and doves innocent. Be perfect in all things, and heed the counsel of My servants.
Even so, Amen.
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