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Hymns (Incomplete) Restoration Hymns (1-16)

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1Parley P. PrattThe Morning Breaks
2William W. PhelpsThe Spirit of God
3William W. PhelpsNow Let Us Rejoice
4Parley P. PrattTruth Eternal
5Joel H. JohnsonHigh On A Mountain Top
6William W. PhelpsRedeemer of Israel
7Richard SmythIsrael, Israel, God Is Calling
8Theodore E. CurtisAwake and Arise
9Tracy Y. CannonCome, Rejoice
10Gerrit de Jong, Jr.Come, Sing to the Lord
11John S. DavisWhat Was Witnessed in the Heavens?
12G. William Richards'Twas Witnessed in the Morning Sky
13Parley P. PrattAn Angel from on High
14Mary Ann MortonSweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings
15Anonymous AuthorI Saw a Mighty Angel Fly
16Anonymous AuthorWhat Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold