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Manchester Hymnal GATHERING OF ISRAEL Ye Ransomed of the Lord
Ye ransomed of the Lord,
To Zion now return,
And seek a safe abode
Before the wicked burn:
The year of jubilee draws near,
Jesus in clouds will soon appear.
Let Israel now return
Unto their ancient home,
Possess the Holy Land,
And build Jerusalem,
And there await the jubilee,
They shall the King of Glory see.
Let Gentiles throng the way
To Zion's happy land,
Those who the truth obey
Shall in his presence stand,
Shall shine with the celestial light,
And walk with Jesus Christ in white.
Let Joseph's remnants come
To the celestial hill,
And throng the house of God,
And learn to do his will,
That Zion may arise and shine
With light celestial and divine.
Let saints in every clime
Their waiting hearts prepare;
From every tribe and tongue,
To Zion's mount repair.
The marriage of the Lamb is near,
The great Bridegroom will soon appear.
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