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Manchester Hymnal ON PRIESTHOOD In Ancient Days Men Feared the Lord
In ancient days men feared the Lord,
And by their faith received his word,
Then God bestowed upon the meek
The priesthood of Melchizedek.
By help of this their faith increased,
Till they with God spoke face to face;
An Enoch, he would walk with God,
A Noah ride safe o'er the flood.
Abr'ham obtained great promises,
And Isaac he was also blest,
A Jacob could prevail with God,
The sea divide at Moses' rod.
The lions' mouth a Daniel closed,
The fire ne'er scorched his brethren's clothes,
But time would fail to mention all
The men of faith, I'll just name Paul.
Who did to the third heavens arise,
And view the wonders of the skies;
He saw and heard mysterious things,
Yet all by faith, and not by wings.
Such blessings to the human race
Once more are tendered by God's grace;
The priesthood is again restored,
For this let God be long adored.
Now we by faith, like Paul and John,
May see the Father and the Son,
And view eternal things above,
And taste the sweets of boundless love.
And if, like them, we hated be,
Deprived sometimes of liberty,
We will, like them, this faith defend,
Whate'er our fate, unto the end.
O Lord, assist thy feeble worms
This resolution to perform,
And we thy sacred name will praise
Throughout the remnant of our days.
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