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Manchester Hymnal ON PRIESTHOOD Now We'll Sing with One Accord
Now we'll sing with one accord,
For a prophet of the Lord,
Bringing forth his precious word,
Cheers the saints as anciently.
When the world in darkness lay,
Lo, he sought the better way,
And he heard the Saviour say,
"Go, and prune my vineyard, son!"
And an angel surely, then,
For a blessing unto men,
Brought the priesthood back again,
In its ancient purity.
Even Joseph he inspires;
Yea, his heart he truly fires,
With the light that he desires,
For the work of righteousness.
And the book of Mormon, true,
With its covenant ever new,
For the Gentile and the Jew,
He translated sacredly.
The commandments to the church,
Which the saints will always search,
(Where the joys of heaven perch,)
Came through him from Jesus Christ.
Precious are his years to come,
While the righteous gather home,
For the great Millennium,
Where he'll rest in blessedness.
Prudent in this world of woes,
He will triumph o'er his foes,
While the realm of Zion grows
Purer for eternity.
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