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A. sent to JOSEPH SMITH to reveal pattern of TEMPLE garment
2nd Book of Commandments  43:63-66
63 Behold I say unto thee, that ye have asked Me concerning the garment of the holy Priesthood, and ye desire a revelation concerning it.
64 Behold, I cannot give you a revelation concerning this, for this knowledge must needs come through visitation, for I sent an angel to My servant Joseph Smith, and he showed him the proper pattern and explained the meanings of the signs and the manner of its construction.
65 And in no other way can a man receive instruction concerning this matter, for it cannot be written down, for error would enter in.
66 For Mine angel appeared unto Joseph and explained the garment's construction, that it should be made as far as possible of one piece of cloth, that it be made of one material, and that it must be worn at all times as a covering for the nakedness of man, and that ye shall not remove it except that he come to his wife and that he may bathe to cleanse himself.