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My House (Draft)
1. My House
2nd Book of Commandments  41:72 (Draft)
72 Before I have said, be not in haste, but now I say unto you, be in haste for the time is short; nevertheless, do all things in order for My house1 is a house of order.
2nd Book of Commandments  72:2-6,10 (Draft)
For I say unto you, if I can release the heads of the Church, which I will surely do in Mine own due time, so also can I release the Board of Directors of the Relief Mine.
For will I not set My house1 in order beginning at the head?
For I will not release the riches of the earth to a people who are not organized according to My will.
For if I release these riches now, they will be but laid waste and destroyed.
For when I have a people prepared and living all My laws, then can I pour out My blessings upon them and not until.
10 And if ye heed not My will, I will find another people who will, for I will not cause My will to be mocked.
2nd Book of Commandments  24:102-105 (Draft)
102 And My Servant who is held in derision, I shall place in him My Spirit, and he shall be as a fire that devoureth; and the words that he shall write and speak shall expose many and cause many to fall, for they repent not.
103 And his words shall cause many to repent and humble themselves before Me; for have I not said that I will cleanse My house1 of its filthiness, for how can an unclean vessel pour forth pure water?
104 Behold an unclean cup poureth forth filthy water not fit for the consumption of man or beast.
105 Therefore, I cause My house1 to be cleansed that it may pour forth pure and living water.
2nd Book of Commandments  115:11 (Draft)
11 For the man shall be taken first through the veil by Me and the woman by the man, that all may be in order in My house1.
2nd Book of Commandments  28:12-13 (Draft)
12 For I say unto you that ye cannot organize yourselves into wards nor anything like unto them, for this is one of the functions of My church, for this authority remains within My church, and ye are not called to do this, but have been set aside to preserve the Patriarchal Order of Marriage and the Law of Abraham.
13 And if ye do this, setting your own house in order, ye shall be preserved and prepared when My house1 shall be cleansed.
2nd Book of Commandments  46:19-25 (Draft)
19 For many are now married to those to whom they do not belong, for they have married according to the customs of men and of Babylon, and they know no other law.
20 And My servant Joseph Smith tried to rectify this law, and for this reason he was martyred.
21 And I command My Servant that he take up where My servant Joseph left off.
22 For he set in order many things, but it was for his efforts to set this law in order that he was martyred, for many who were taught the truth of this doctrine fell away at that time and were the ones who sought his life, and put him to death.
23 Behold, who will stand this setting in order? Only Mine elect, saith the LORD.
24 But unless My house1 is set in order, it cannot stand. For how can ye stand in proper order in My house1 if each man hath strange women unto him?
25 And thus it means, "strange women", if a man marry a maid and she not be given unto him by revelation.
2nd Book of Commandments  35:8-17 (Draft)
And say unto those who have listened to My voice: Thus saith the Lord your God, heed My words which have been written both by the prophets of olden time and those that have been sent in these the last days.
For ye have been prophesied of by them, for are ye not the leaven that starteth as a small thing and spreadeth throughout the whole that the whole must needs be benefited thereby?
10 Behold I say unto you, ye have been chosen for a great work, for the proper order of family must needs be restored.
11 For this is the beginning of the setting in order of My house1, for without this order in My house1 there is no power, and ye will not be able to accomplish My commandment to raise up a righteous generation unto Me.
12 For no man can both serve Me and the woman, for the woman will place upon men impossible burdens that taketh away his honor and Priesthood.
13 Therefore he must free himself from the dictates of the woman and be subject unto Me, saith the LORD.
14 And the woman must be subject unto the man even as the man is subject unto Me.
15 And the children must be subject unto the woman even as she is subject unto the man, that there be order in My house1 saith the LORD.
16 And even as I show great lovingkindness unto the man and lead him into paths of righteousness, chastising at times when he doth err and then showing great mercy at his strivings and repentance, even so must a man do likewise with his wife, showing great mercy and love for her at all times, teaching her with kindness and forgiveness.
17 Likewise must the wife teach the children the gospel at an early age, that by the time they are eight years old they will comprehend fully the responsibility.
2nd Book of Commandments  55:11-18 (Draft)
11 And the mothers shall teach their children that by the time they are eight years old they have knowledge of the laws of God, and that they are able to clearly write and read that they be not ignorant of the things of God and the ways of the world--that they may be able to choose intelligently the way they wish to go.
12 And they shall teach their children every law and statute, and shall encourage them in all good things.
13 And the covetous and those who cause strife shall be kept separate from those who are quick to heed the laws of God.
14 And if the rebellious repent not they shall go unto their own, that My house1 be not polluted.
15 For an evil seed groweth and overshadoweth the good, and must needs be plucked up before harm cometh.
16 And the older children shall be kept separate from the younger children, for the younger need the presence of their mothers at all times except when they are in attendance with the father.
17 And thus ye shall make the sleeping quarters for the small children adequate so that the mother may be with her children at all times.
18 Thus ye shall make your homes that a righteous generation may be brought up unto Me, who know the laws and statutes of My kingdom and become unto Me a choice people.
2nd Book of Commandments  14:12 (Draft)
12 For My house1 shall be clean, and even by the power of My word I shall do it, even all that I have spoken of this matter. Even so, Amen.