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Nauvoo Hymnal FAREWELL Adieu to the City, Where Long I Have Wandered
Adieu to the city, where long I have wandered,
To tell them of judgments and warn them to flee;
How often in sorrow, their woes I have pondered,
Perhaps in affliction, they'll think upon me.
With a tear of compassion, in silence retiring,
The last ray of hope for your safety expiring;
A feeling of pity this bosom inspiring
Sing this lamentation and think upon me.
How often at evening your halls have resounded
With th' pure testimony of Jesus so free;
While the meek were rejoicing, the proud were confounded,
The poor had the gospelthey'll think upon me.
When Empires shall tremble at Israel's returning,
And earth shall be cleansed by the Spirit of burning;
When proud men shall perish, and priest with their learning,
Sing this lamentation, and think upon me.
When the Union is severed and liberty's blessings
Withheld from the sons of Columbia, once free;
When bloodshed and war, and famine distress them,
Remember the warning, and think upon me.
When this mighty city shall crumble to ruin,
And sink as a millstone, the merchants undoing;
The ransomed the highway of Zion pursuing,
Sing this lamentation, and think upon me.
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